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Sunday, 26 January 2014

Challenge Day 43 - 15 Men....

....and 141 of their mates. Yes, I'm still working on the big batch of pirates. I'm not that quick that they're already finished!

I've made good progress today, more than anticipated. I've managed to paint the hair and footwear on all the figures. I also got the bases painted with yellow ochre. And I've made a start on the third colour set, with 2 of the 9 colours in this round done; I should manage to get at least one more colour done before I go to bed.

So, some pics. I've gone in close with these.

Vehicle Bonus Theme Round

Well, the poll closed an hour or so ago. It appears that someone had posted a link on Cool Mini Or Not which resulted in a massive surge of votes in the last few hours that the poll was open. I was quite pleased to see that my NSL fleet managed to garner a total of 39 votes.


  1. looking good Tamsin, looks like you have this lot well under control

    1. It seems Byron took exception to losing out to a spider

  2. Coming along nicely. This painting challenge is certainly a commitment!

  3. Ooo can't wait to see these done. Aaaarrrrrrrrrr!

  4. That is still a power of work that you have been doing young lady! They are looking good too!

  5. So that's where the votes came from; I had wondered. Pirates coming along nicely too.

  6. Good Work the Horde is coming along nicely. An impressive work rate.

  7. They look great.

    PS: Your comment on my Monday post made me laugh out loud. Seriously.

  8. That is a horde of Pirates for sure and I am amazed at the speed that you paint them

  9. That's productivity alright; you'll have some people looking over their shoulders before too long!

  10. Yes folks, it's a lot of work doing these. With the numbers of colours in each colour set, and the randomisation it is actually more time consuming than painting 256 Swiss pikemen in canton colours! Thank goodness for my system :)