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Thursday, 3 May 2012

I hate colds!

Gaarrrgghhh! I hate colds, and the fact that I seem to catch them so often. Feeling utterly crap today, despite dosing myself up with Lemsip.

No pics today, as there's not really anything to show that you haven't seen before.

Bit's and bobs done today:

  • Added tufts and clumps to remaining Sarmatian bases
  • Dry-brushed the rest of the battlebots with Red Leather?metallic medium mix
  • Prepped the Old Glory 30YW cuirassiers that Seb gave me a few weeks ago as a birthday present
  • Started making up some hedges - cut up the foam of a scouring pad into strips and glued these to some mixing sticks (currently sitting under a weighted sheet to ensure the foam sticks to the stick)

Pimping Time

In his 100th post today, Ian was complimenting my blog and how fast I've managed to get 3 times as many followers as he has. I think some pimping is in order

His blog "The Blog With No Name" is definitely worth checking out and adding yourself as a follower, if you aren't one already.

Hmmm, does this mean I need to go out and buy loads of bling, fur coats, brashly coloured zoot suits and fedora hats?


  1. For the colds try what I am not allowed!!!! Get plenty of Vit C in you, colds struggle to get hold if you have a high level.

    Thanks for the pimping, no need for all that stuff yo can borrow mine, just not at weekends ;-)


  2. There's nothing wrong with pimping blogs - my poor blog has been pimped to death as I ruthlessly market choice posts from it elsewhere :)

    (It's always nice when someone else pimps it though :) )

  3. I'm jetlagged and my painting gear is on a ship for another 5 weeks... Not quite a cold, but I feel your pain... The lack of productivity is killing me!

  4. tell me about it :-( just got back from school... I have a tonne of homework a lot of stuf I want to get done and I am going to the movies with my mate this weekend... AND I HAVE A BLOODY COLD. even thinking about it gives me those congestion induced head ackes

  5. Colds do drag you down, but it looks as though you still got some work done, keep it up, you'll soon have them Cuirassiers done!!

  6. Things to do today: finish a commission of 20mm highlanders, start a commission of 20mm Napoleonic Swedish cavalry, flocking our US Marines for Belleau Wood, 10mm, clean home, mainly Luisa..., prepare two Roman teddy bears, Luisa' s army is growing...

    And by the way...where' s Summer?

    And Happy Wargaming.


  7. Hope you are feeling better soon Tamsin.

  8. Well, rest well, you'll need it. Meanwhile, I'll try to paint some more minis to catch you up ;)

  9. Everything is optional except the fedora!

  10. I'm thinking it's time for me to prep my Khurasan "space demons" this evening, as it seems wasteful to just be supergluing 12 riders to 12 horses, when I could be gluing 50 odd heads (and some spines) to a bunch of acid-blooded Xenos at the same time

  11. Hope you start to feel better soon.