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Friday, 4 May 2012

WIP: Terrain Pieces for FoG

With Campaign fast approaching, I figured it would be useful to have some decent looking terrain pieces to take with me. Now, I could spend lots of dosh buying some pre-made pieces, but why should I do that when I can easily and cheaply make up my own?

Step1: Purchase Materials

So, after work I popped into Poundland on my way home and picked up these:

20 A5 sheets for £1 - bargain. I picked up 2 of these and a 10-pack of A4 sheets. I've already got plenty of paint, PVA, ballast, gravel, flock and stuff.

Step 2: What Terrain Pieces Do I Need?

As my army is Sarmatians-posing-as-Alans, my natural terrain type is Steppes. In fact, according to the FoG army lists, Steppes is the only terrain type that Alans can select (if they win the initiative).

OK, so what terrain choices are there for Steppes:
"Open" (ie, a blank piece used to block other pieces from being put down) - x4 (2 compulsory)
"Broken" x4
"Brush" x2
"Gully" x1
"Gentle Hill" x1

As these have to be able to hold a 6" x 4" block and can be no more than 12" in diameter, A5 sheets are ideal.

I've already got suitable pieces for the 4 "open" terrain pieces (plain 12" diameter circles - they get removed once all other terrain has been placed), so I just need to make up the other bits. I decided to make 2 hills, as these will be useful anyway.

Step 3: Cutting Shapes

Using a 6" x 4" piece of card as a template, I drew around it on various sheets of foam, then cut these out. For the hills, I did the bottom layer at this stage, then used that to mark out the next sheet, cutting a suitable distance inside, repeating to give 5 layers per hill. I did a similar thing for the gully, but with only 2 sheets, cutting a hole in the middle of the upper sheet to represent the depression.

Step 4: Sticky Business

The 5 layers of the hills were then glued together with the PVA, as were the 2 sheets for the gully. PVA was dotted in patches around the edge of the "brush" pieces and scrunged some clump foliage onto the glue.

Next Steps

Tomorrow, once the glue has had a chance to dry fully, the following steps will be done:
1) PVA glue in patches covered with mix of sand, ballast and tallus (actually, I might do this bit tonight)
2) Basecoat of  B&Q "Cocoa Bean" matt emulsion paint.
3) Drybrush sand/ballast/tallus areas
5) PVA glue everywhere else and add flock.
6) Fix flock with another PVA coat.

Pic Of Current State:

(The shapes for "broken" ground have been left out)

Back: hill, hill, gully
Front: brush, brush


  1. Nice psychedelic hills...:)

    Happy Wargaming.


  2. Looks good! Reminds me, I've have several sheets of craft foam I bought to make gaming terrain, that I need to get cracking on.

  3. Those look like the foothills of the headlands from Yellow Submarine. Nice!

  4. wierd, those hills did not aid my congested brain

  5. We used to use a length of string for marking out open spaces - the string just has to be long enough that you can make an enclosure of the required width and breadth. Easiest terrain piece to carry, too ;)

  6. Very colourful...at the moment!!! I'll be interested in how they turn out.

  7. Weird looking at the moment but you have a plan. It's great when you make your own terrain, gives a nice feeling


  8. Very interested in what you are up to here Tamsin.

  9. They won't be psychedelic when I'm finished (at least, I hope not!).

    @Kobold - Just as easy to carry a few 12" diameter circles of foam or paper, and no without having to faff about making the shape