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Wednesday, 2 May 2012

WIP: Flocking Sarmatians!

Well, that's what I got up to last night after posting.

I made up a mix of 2 parts Golden/1 part Green Grass flock (from 4D Model Shop). I'd only used this in mixes with flock from other manufacturers before, so hadn't realised that it is actually very short fibre static grass. Lots of mess!

All the bases of the figures I'll be using for Campaign got flocked. I also added clump foliage (Woodland Scenics, Olive Green "Bushes") and tufts (Mini Natur, two-colour late fall) to a few bases.

The tufts look fine and I'll add them (sparingly) to all the bases - I'll use a mix of the two-colour and the short and long tufts. However, while the bushes look fine on the camp and commander bases, they look a bit too much on the light horse bases I applied them to. Take a look at the pics and let me know what you think - too much or OK?

Camp with clump foliage and tufts

Generals with clumps and tufts

Light horse with clumps and tufts

Light horse with flocking only

I haven't done anything this evening as I seem to have picked up another cold, which has got me wiped out (it's also causing nausea, so I'm feeling pretty grotty).


  1. Great stuff! Really like how these have turned out. And the camp is excellent!!

  2. Those flocking sarmatians get everywhere ... ;)

    Nice work - and sorry to hear you are unwell; hope you get better soon!

  3. I think the bushes look just fine on all of the bases. Leave 'em.

  4. If you want to space the clumps out more, only use the tufts on some of the LH bases. What you have done looks fantastic, but lots of tufts can make it look like they're riding through swampy terrain.

    You've had some bad luck with all these colds - hope it's only due to change in the weather.

  5. I think they look fine. good work on them so is that mean they are done???

  6. Nice Work Tamsin these look great.

  7. All look very nice. Camp looks great. Thought I could paint a lot of figures quickly but you put me to shame. Get well soon

  8. Fantastic Tamsin, they look wonderful. Get well soon.

  9. I think they look fine on the cavalry, have another lemsip girl!

  10. The flocking looks good on all the bases, including the light horse. I don't think you overdid it with the tufts and bushes. I take it Sarmatians and Samaritans are different?

    1. Yup, very different. Sarmatians are/were a confederation of horse-nomads from the Steppes, probably of Iranic descent; Samaritans are the ambulance version of the FV-100 series of CVR(T)s: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Combat_Vehicle_Reconnaissance_(Tracked).

      Alternatively they were the inhabitants of Samaria, an area near ancient Judea

  11. Thanks all for the comments. I only added clumps to every 3rd or 4th base for the rest of the troops, and it doesn't look too bad.