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Sunday, 27 May 2012

WIP: 30YW Foot, The Blue Regiments #4

I'll start with the pics first again:

All done apart from:

  • Klear/ink coat - I will probably do a gloss coat first and also use a lighter mix than I have been using for the Sarmatians
  • Basing apart from flock
  • Matt spray varnish
  • Flocking and tufting

I should (fingers crossed) be able to get the first 2 bits done this evening, allowing me to do the matt varnish spray in the morning before work and the flocking/tufting when I get home.

The question now is what hops onto the painting table next? I guess the Sarmatian "other cavalry" should be next, and while doing those I can prep some of my 30YW cavalry. Which leads to another question - cuirassiers or harqebusiers? I think I'll decide on that one tomorrow.

Lessons Learnt

  • I definitely went too non-uniform with this batch, which made progress slow. I'll see how they look when they're based before deciding which bits of non-uniformity to eliminate.
  • It was a lot of figures to do in one batch. For the next batches I will probably do 1 regiment at a time. With the paint drying out quickly in the current "heatwave", it probably makes sense to do less figures at a time anyway.
  • I have revised the order of painting - I got several bits in the wrong order this time round, which meant going back to do touch-ups.


  1. Cuirassiers...and you can mix blackened and steel...

    And obviously Happy Wargaming to All.


  2. They are looking so good Tamsin. Excellent work.