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Thursday, 10 May 2012

Styrofoam Hills #3 and Tufty Sarmatians

All the Sarmatian bases have now had grass tufts added. I decided not to add clump foliage to them. They are now all set for getting matt spray varnish tomorrow.

"Run to the hills....."

The hills are all but finished now - they just need a sealing coat. Given my experience with spraymount adhesive (leaves the surface very sticky for ages), and using a dropper to apply PVA (seems to mess things up) I've decided to bite the bullet and get some scenic cement and a sprayer tomorrow.

Pics showing the last three stages:

After dry-brushing with Cool Grey matt emulsion

After adding patches of sand/ore/ballast mix

After adding flock


  1. Those look the business Tasmin......... and ya can't beat a bit of classic Maiden to flock to that's what I say.

  2. Looking good Tamsin very productive!

  3. Looking good and will look even better once you have some Sarmatians standing on top of those hills surveying the enemy to be vanquished on the plains below!

  4. Thanks guys!

    @Kingsley - Once they're sealed and the Sarmies are varnished tomorrow, I'll take pic of some on top for you

    @Willie - somewhat less productive than other weeks - not a single figure has been touched with a paintbrush in days!

    @Steve - it was an easy choice :) Now, if I'd been posting pics of an assembled and painted Lancaster, it would have been a hard choice - the Girlschool or Motorhead version of "Bomber" ;)

    1. Motorhead version for me Tasmin , it's a classic!

  5. Looking good, funny how frustrating it can be to not paint figures even if you are doing the stuff that goes around it


  6. Top quality Tamsin, keep it up!!

  7. Damn nice hills Tamsin, damn nice!

  8. Excellent end result Tamsin.