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Sunday, 6 May 2012

WIP: Terrain Pieces of FoG #3

Tasks completed (so far) today:

1) Matt spray varnished my Sarmatians-posing-as-Alans. Had to go back for a second light coat as some still looked glossy. I then went back and brushed gloss varnish on a couple of bits of the camp - the spit-roasting pig and the "liquid" in the cauldrons.
2) Prepped my Khurasan "Space Demons" - I've glued the bodies to washers as singles (25mm), pairs (32mm) and triples (38mm). Somehow I ended up with an extra body. I'll hang onto it in case I can find a use for it or acquire an extra head.
3) Fitted the Old Glory cuirassiers to their horses
4) "Fixed" the flock on the terrain pieces. Having doused one piece with 25% PVA using a dropper, I realised that was a mistake and decided to try something I've done successfully in the past - spraymount adhesive. There seems to be a lot of loose flock on the pieces despite repeated tapping, shaking and such-like. I guess over time the excess will flake off.

Anyway, here's a pic of the completed pieces:

Might do later:
1) Glue riders to horses
2) Glue heads and spines to the space demons

Next onto the workbench:

1) Prime and paint Old Glory 30YW cuirassiers
2) Prime and paint the space demons (these will be a fairly quick job - black metallic spray paint, colour/metallic washes, basing, mouth details)
3) Finish painting Sarmatian "other cavalry"
4) Finish painting Scythians


  1. Nice looking terrain, Tamsin!

    I made terrain boards from interlocking foam squares and covered them in flock, but because most club members are of a certain age and girth, most ended up with a fuzzy green stripe across their bellies at the end of the night of the boards'debut!

  2. Those are looking very good. Nice and cheap too!

  3. That terrain is looking great. I think I'll nick your idea for the foam backing pieces mentioned in a previous post. They maybe more durable than the plastic card I have been using !!

  4. @Rosbif - it will be interesting to see how they look once they've finished moulting ;)

    @AHunt - yup, cheap and cheerful :)

    @Jerry - It might be worth gluing the foam to card or plasticard to limit/prevent warping. I'll certainly be doing that next time.

  5. That's some good looking scenery right there.

  6. interesting. nice pieces of terrain

  7. Nice one Tamsin, the terrain looks excellent!!!

  8. Very nice Tamsin, I just took a peek at my 20mm Romans and the thick plasticard they are based on (for Impetus) has warped a fair bit!!! So even that has it's issues


  9. Very very nice work Tamsin. The terrain looks awesome.

  10. Looking good. The only prob is the warping eh? You might find that plastic card will also warp, unless it=s the thick sort..and that would make it expensive. You could try 1. heat it up from underneath with a hair dryer..when it goes floppy lay it on a flat surface..this may "kill" the "memory" it has aquired from the groundwork. 2. Glue old CDs to the bottom. 3. Add heavy material to the ground work, such a stones to hold the corners down.