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Friday, 11 May 2012

WIPS; Goodies; Styrofoam Hills #4

It's lovely having a day off work. It was all very quiet in the office, so yesterday I decided to book today off as annual leave. Just as well, as I had plenty to do before heading off to Milton Keynes tomorrow for Campaign


Done this morning:

  • Matt spray varnish of remaining painted Sarmatians
  • Khurasan "Space Demons" - received spray undercoat of Humbrol Metallic Black 201

After letting them dry, I discovered that the back of the King had not got much coverage, so I'll have to respray him at some point.

Next step for these is to use some of my ink washes to add some colour. That will be followed by silver/oily steel on the mouthparts, paint the basing texture (mix of greys) then a final Klear/black ink wash. I may tone down the glossiness by spraying with satin varnish; the base texture will get a brush-coat of matt varnish.


After doing all the spraying and having had the windows open for a couple of hours to disperse fumes, particulates I headed into town to get some scenic cement and a spray bottle from ModelZone in Holborn. I also spotted a tool that would be useful to have, so I bought that as well.

As I was nearby, I took a walk down to London Graphics Centre and bought some more brushes (W&N Series 7 size 2; W&N Series 7M sizes 0 and 00) and a colour wheel.

I then headed home via the local Royal Mail depot where a package needing a signature was waiting for me. After picking that up, when I finally got back home I had 2 nice bits of post - Miniature Wargames #350 and a package from Donnington.

The box before opening - oooh, it's my order from Magister Militum!

The contents - some 15mm buildings for my 30YW project, some tents and a fortified camp piece for FoG. Plus a flyer for Colours 2012 and a new releases sheet from Magister Militum. There were also some polystyrene packing ships and bubble wrap around the resin pieces, but you don't want pics of that crap do you?

The Donnington goodies. Back Row (L to R): horse casualties; human casualties; 18 musketeers; 24 carbine/pistol cavalry; 2 cavalry. Front Row (L to R): animals and herders (pigs, sheep, goats, chickens) for ambush markers/camp pieces; some more pikes/flagpoles

Styrofoam Hills

Having purchased scenic cement and a spray bottle, I got on with sealing the flock and gravelly stuff on the hills and gully. I also decided to spray the pieces I'd made on the foam sheets. These are now pretty much dry and will be ready for me to take to Campaign tomorrow.

Anyway, here is a pic of one of the sealed hills with some figures on it:

As I'll be away almost all weekend, I won't be posting tomorrow. I will try to post on Sunday evening when I get back from Campaign, even if only to let you know how atrociously my Early Alans suffered at the hands of Foederate Romans. 

Ooooh, I just realised that I hadn't told you that - all three of my opponents in Division 2 at Campaign are fielding Foederate Roman armies. For those who know the FoG army lists, you will know that it can be helpful to know in advance what army/ies you will be facing as it gives you an idea of what troop types you are likely to be up against. However, with Foederate Romans it doesn't help in the slightest - they could be all heavy foot, all light horse, almost all lancers or balanced foot/cavalry. I suspect that most of my opponents will be including Western Hunnic allies (one of the few lists with Superior light horse).

Wish me luck!


  1. good grief woman, packages arriving - i bet you have not even finished the salute stash yet!

    good fun tho eh!

  2. Good luck for the weekend Tamsin.

  3. Yay! Thanks for the last pic Tamsin! Looking good! Now go whup some Roman butt!!

  4. Huzzah! Good luck in the Campaign!

  5. Increadible. are we all getting stuff now. I saw some stuff that I might get... now for some saving up

  6. You going to be busy, even more than you already are. Good luck for the weekend

  7. Good luck at Campaign! And nice bit of stash you got in the mail there also!

  8. More figures in the post, your a glutton for punishment, the hills look very cool and good luck in Div 2, sounds like its gonna be hard second guessing everyone!!

  9. That lot should keep you happy and busy. Good luck against e Romans, and watch out for those darn Flocking Samaritans, unless they are on your side. But even so, watch them anyway. Treacherous beggars, can't trust 'em.