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Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Styrofoam Hills #2

and a brief update on the Sarmatians

OK, I'll do that first as it's a quickie. I didn't have time this morning to do the flocking, so I had to wait until I got home from work. They've all been flocked now, tufts and clumps will be done tomorrow, matt spray varnish on Friday. As quick list of what is being flocked etc right now:
16 bases of LF archers
6 bases of LF javelinmen
12 bases of MF spearmen
4 bases of lancers
8 bases of LH
8 bases of "other cavalry"

I'll do pics when they are all finished

The Hills Are (Coming) Alive...

I did have time this morning to do the second basecoat. I'd probably have only needed one coat if I'd lightly sanded the hills after sculpting them (lesson learned for next time). This evening I have painted patches and done a heavy dry-brush all over with Slate Grey and will do a light dry-brush with Cool Grey in a while.

Pic of current state:


  1. Quite a production line you have going!

  2. Those are coming along nicely. They are much more, 3D'y which is a good thing with miniatures.

  3. Liking the direction you have going..

  4. I like the shape of the hills better than the last effort(I prefer the real hill to the stepped hill) these are taking shape nicely


  5. Wonderful progress Tamsin.

  6. Cheers guys! Hopefully I'll have them all done in time for the weekend (I only need 1 hill and the gully for Campaign though).

  7. Those hills are comming along nicely !!