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Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Piccies from Campaign; WIP: Old Glory 30YW Cuirassiers #2

I'm still too frazzled to do AARs of the weekend's games, but I have uploaded my pics to Flickr. At some point I'll go through and add to the descriptions.


I've done a bit more on these this evening:

  • Basecoats on horses (3 different browns for the bays, and a red-brown for the chestnut and black)
  • Black wash all over on the grey and black horses - thinly on the grey and heavily on the black
  • Black wash on cannons, tail, mane and muzzles of the bays 
  • Chestnut wash mix on the chestnut
  • Dun/bay wash mix on the bays
  • Black wash thinly on the armour

Tomorrow evening I'll do the markings, ground colour and a lighter highlight on the mane and tail of the chestnut. If I have time, I'll do the leatherwork on the horses and maybe the saddle cloths.

I guess you want pics? Well, here they are:


  1. Always at work...
    By the way for a grey horse try this method:
    base light-medium grey
    washing medium-dark grey
    thinly black washing

    And Happy Wargaming.


  2. Frazzled or not you are still getting work done on your figs. Well done!

  3. I love the knitted/crocheted terrain! Brilliant!

  4. Great work wish I could free up some time to get something done.

  5. @ Marzio - thanks for the tip for the greys. I'll give it a try next time.

    @ Rosbif - I did say Lynda has an unusual approach to making terrain pieces. My team captain asked if she took commissions, but she doesn't.

    @ all - thanks!

  6. At least you are making some progress and that is better than me at present.