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Saturday, 26 May 2012

WIP: 30Yw Foot, The Blue Regiments #2

Damn, curse and damn and curse again - I have gone down with yet another cold. I must admit I was feeling a bit grotty yesterday, but I'd put that down to tiredness and the hot weather. However, this morning I woke up and could barely move or keep my eyes open. As a result, after popping out briefly to do some essential shopping, I've spent most of the day crashed out. That seems to have helped as I had recovered enough to do some painting this evening.

On with the WIP

"*Cough!* Didn't you have a game of FoG last night? Where's the AAR?"

"I did and I'll do an AAR tomorrow, but to shut you up I'll post a pic at the end of this post> Now, can I get on with the WIP stuff please?"


WIP: 30YW Foot, the Blue Regiments

Done today:

  • Troopers' Breeches: Green Grey 886, Green Brown 879, Germ Cam Medium Brown 826, Germ Cam Pale Brown 825
  • Troopers' Stockings: Pale Blue 906, Pastel Green 885, Light Grey 990, Pale Sand 837
  • Junior Officers' Stockings: Ivory 918
  • Colonels' Stockings: Off White 820
  • Flesh: Flesh Base 341 (Panzer Aces)
  • Ground Colour: Flat Earth 983

Tomorrow's Bits (if I have time; in no particular order):

  • Shoes, boots and gloves
  • Hats
  • Musket stocks and pike/halberd shafts
  • Hair and beards/'taches
  • Collars
  • Leather bits

Well, here's the bit of the post you've no doubt been waiting for - the pics:

Last Night's Game of FoG

I got to the club early, which gave me time to relax, have a drink and chat with folks before my opponent turned up. Alan was due to arrive a little after 7pm, but it was nearer 7.30pm when he got there. As this was also when the curry I'd ordered from the bar was brought out, we didn't start playing until 8.30pm (although we did get the terrain placement done while I was eating).

We both had all infantry armies, mostly heavy foot with a small number of light foot units. Alan also had a few medium foot units. Unfortunately, the combination of very slow moving infantry and a very awkward terrain layout meant it took several turns before we got to a point where we might actually get some close combat. Sadly, that point was reached as we ran out of time.

There had been some - mostly ineffective - shooting from a couple of turns in, which had resulted in a couple of light foot units on both sides dropping to disrupted. Typically for me, one of mine then got dropped further  to fragmented then failed it's cohesion test when a charge was declared, causing it to break.

If this had been a competition game, the score would have been 12-8 to Alan.

Anyway, here's the pic I promised, taken at the end:

Terrain pieces (Left to right):
Steep hill; Impassable terrain; Gully; Brush; Forest; Steep Hill

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  1. Glad to see that your cold is not preventing you from getting some painting done. Battle on my friend.