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Saturday, 5 May 2012

WIP: Terrain Pieces for FoG #2

I've made some progress on the terrain pieces. After posting last night I added the tallus, gravel and sand in patches on all of the pieces (forgot to take a pic).

Today I completed the following stages:

Basecoat (B&Q "Cocoa Bean" matt emulsion)

I ran out with a couple of pieces to go, but I was heading out to where B&Q is anyway, so I was able to pick up some more.

Heavy dry-brush (B&Q "Slate Grey" matt emulsion)

Light dry-brush (B&Q "Cool Grey" matt emulsion)

I'll probably do the flocking later this evening, leaving a sealing coat of PVA to do tomorrow.

I had hoped to do the matt varnish spray of my Sarmatians, but it was raining so I couldn't open my windows up. Hopefully it will be dry tomorrow morning so that I can get it done then.


  1. Looking good.. can't wait to see the final articles. Time to explore the local poundland i think

  2. Can't wait to see thes e flocked. They are going to look awesome. Fantastic work Tamsin.

  3. I've seen those foam board packs so many times in Poundland but couldn't think of any practical use for them. How wrong was I!!

    Thanks for this Tamsin!

  4. How clever! I've never seen terrain made from foam board before. With the coats of PVA, does the the foam stiffen or do they stay flexible?

  5. Pound shops are well worth a browse - good source for cheap materials for making stuff.

    I had seen foam sheets like these used before, to provide contours for a terrain board someone was making up.

    The foam seems flexible where it is just paint, PVA and flock but it has stiffened where there is gravel. Nice and lightweight though :)

  6. I must take a look at my local dollar shop. I know they have real cheap low quality paints. (I use them far to often) but lets see what else they have

  7. Looking good, Tamsin! A great improvement on the original Telly-tubby colour scheme ;)

    Do you find the foam stays flat after painting and PVA-ing, or does it warp?

  8. I will add to the looking good comments, also looking forward to the finished article. I too may well be heading off to Poundland


  9. The terrain pieces look great. Can't wait to see them finished.

  10. They look excellent Tamsin, a very well done little project!!

  11. Great looking terrain Tamsin I look forward to seeing it in play !

  12. @all - thanks for the comments.

    @Rosbif - there is some warpage, but I should be able to correct that by painting/PVAing the underside once the flock has been sealed.

  13. Nice bit of terrain building. I have to agree, pound shops are a wargamer's friend. I always end up buying something for the store cupboard when I go in one.