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Monday, 7 May 2012

On The Workbench 07/05/2012

I'm heading off to CLWC shortly for a game of FoG against Howard - my Alans against his Seljuk Turks as a practice match for both of us for Campaign (Howard has stepped in to replace someone on my team).

Just in case I get back too late/knackered/drunk to post, I though I'd give you a quick update.

Jobs done last night:

1) Glued 30YW cuirassiers to their horses. I had an accident with one - the sword was very flimsy and the blade broke off. Never mind - he can be the officer!
2) Glued heads and spines onto space demons. This was very fiddly and I kept getting superglue on my fingertips. Thank goodness for Zap's Z-& Debonder!
3) Primed 30YW Cuirassiers with gesso.

Jobs done today:

1) Adding basing texture (mix of Reeve's modelling paste and coarse texture gel) to bases of space demons. I decided to do that at this stage rather than adding after painting.

Some pics

"I don't know what they'll do to the Corporate Marines, but by God they frighten me!"
"Those space demons are pretty scary-looking too!"

Close Ups:

Old Glory 30YW Cuirassiers - a rather mixed bag of ne'er do-wells

"Infiltrator" Space Demons on the triples bases

Space Demon King and Queen

As for the terrain pieces, I think that the hills and gully may need to be abandoned - the warping on the hills makes them look silly and the gully didn't look quite right. I think my best bet is to make the hills and gully from styrofoam - I've got plenty and have a hot-wire cutter to shape them with.


  1. Never heard of Zap's Z-& Debonder?? I usually just chew it off!!

  2. arn't the space demons so tall they could almost fit in with 20mm figs??? I heard that somewhere

  3. @Ray - I came across it by chance in ModelZone I think. Useful stuff to have around

    @Gowan - they probably could work with 20mm, but are scaled as 15mm

  4. That's a pity about your terrain pieces. You can't stick a layer of something a little more rigid underneath? Maybe thin balsa, or something similar?

  5. Love space demons, you will have fun painting them, I'm planning a 15mm Tyranid army using space demons and plenty of green stuff.

  6. Yes, pity about the terrain. I have always made my hills from polystyrene, lightweight and no prob's with warpping. Hope you enjoy your game.

  7. @Rosbif - too late for the hills I'm afraid :(

    @Dan - have you seen the new "Giant Queen"? *must...resist...temptation*

    @Rodger - yup, styrofoam for the hills is the way to go

  8. Yes that Queen is awesome, so many uses come to mind.