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Wednesday, 23 May 2012

WIP: 30YW Foot, the Blue Regiments #1

I didn't post yesterday as it didn't seem worth it just to say "Well folks, I did do the matt varnish spray on the cuirassiers".

I had a meeting after work (I'm a trustee of a local charity) and by the time I got home I was hot and tired and not in the mood to do much apart from veg out on the sofa, so no more painting got done.

Today is a different matter though, and a small change in the planned sequence of projects. I've decided to make a start on my 30 Years War foot. I'm doing the foot as 3 "brigades" each with a 9-base regiment and a 6-base regiment

The Blues - will have red or green facings (blue = Dark Blue 930)
The Reds - will have green or blue facings (red = Vermillion 909)
The Greens - will have blue or red facings (green = Flat Green 968)

The "facings" will be the cuffs, stocking ribbons, officers' trousers and collars, "company" standards, hat feathers, drum barrel and such like.

Done so far:

  • Blue jackets
  • Blue trousers on most officers and drummers
  • Blue boots for one officer

My original plan for the "company" standards was to do them split colours - half in the regiment colour, half in the brigade colour. Having done the blue, I've realised it would be much more sensible to just do them in the regiment colour.

Later on I will do the black undercoat for metallic parts (armour, musket barrels and rests) and might dry-brush with  Oily Steel 865 if I have time before bed.

Here are a couple of pics for you:

I think I should probably start prepping the "Blue" regiments of cuirassiers, harquebusiers, dragoons and a generals stand. I might as well get a full command done in one stretch.

For those of you thinking "That's a lot of figures to do in one batch", set your worries aside  - it is only 54 figures, all infantry, all fairly uniform so it won't be anything like some of my previous schemes with assembly line painting of Sarmatians.


  1. Only 54 figures... that's something of an understatement there Tamsin (although admittedly less than the hordes of Sarmatian Cavalry you've been ploughing through)

  2. I sit in awe at the volume of figures you paint. I have to admit I have 125 10mm and 30 25mm on the table at the moment but you put me to shame!
    Ihowever nice to see some infantry getting done

  3. only 54???
    thats a few years wirk for me :-)

    So... RESPECT

  4. Sounds like your gonna be busy Tamsin, Looking forward to see these figures all painted up and finished, I like your ideas about the uniform colours.

  5. Doing them all together will help speed things along. Looking forward to seeing them finished.

  6. Looking and sounding good so far!

  7. 54!! Good luck. I know I would need it.

  8. @ kingsleypark and GrahamC - 54 is nothing much for me. If you look back to when I did the light and medium foot for my Sarmatians, I did those in batches of 48 and they were totally non-uniform. With these guys, I may split them up into smaller groups (eg pikes, shooting muskets, other figures)for some stages or by "regiment"

    @ Remco - but your figures are bigger than mine, so take longer to paint :)

    @ Ray - thanks. I chose those colours as they would allow me to have at least 6 regiments. If I ever want to "supersize" the army, I can just add a 4th colour allowing up to 12 uniformed regiments

    @ Lee - that's the plan anyway. Well see whether it becomes the reality.

    @ Fran - cheers!

    @ Rodger - curse you! You wished me good luck! It will all go horribly wrong now! *grin*

  9. Judging from the previous comment I had better wish you bag luck??? or should I still say. GOOD LUCK