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Sunday, 22 March 2015

My Penultimate Challenge Entry

I'm being sneaky and writing this post on Saturday night then scheduling it to post on Sunday afternoon when I'll be out playing the Imjin game. Hopefully I'll get home in the evening to find lots of lovely comments!

So, my 24th and penultimate entry in this year's Challenge was some more 6mm Union infantry. I'd painted up a large batch of skirmishers a couple of weeks ago but didn't paint the formed infantry at that time as I wanted to get some other things out of the way. So last weekend I started work on the formed infantry.

I got 4 formed regiments painted and when I was gluing them onto their bases I realised that I had more skirmishers than I needed. I upped the number of skirmishers on each base from four to six and still had 24 going spare. Knowing that the deadline was looming and with my 2500 point target in sight I didn't want to waste them. And then it hit me - paint their kepis green (with a red circle on the top), base them in a skirmish line and "Hey presto! Bob's your father's/mother's brother!" I would have a sharpshooter regiment. So, I did that and split them over two 30x60 bases.

And here are the pics:

I'll post my final entry pics on Monday (I might write the post now and schedule it).


  1. Very nice Tamsin - the flags really finish off the units.

  2. Very nice, I have been thinking about 6 mm for Blucher. Your terraining looks great.


  3. Great looking Union troops, Tamsin. Great idea on the Sharpshooters' kepis too. BTW, I do want to see pics and a review of the Imjin War game.

  4. The entry its self is sneaky in a clever way. They came out great.

  5. Top painting once again, me'lady!

  6. Very impressive work, congrats! :D

  7. They look fantastic Tamsin!

  8. @ Dan - cheers! :)

    @ Paul - thanks! :)

    @ John - cheers! 6mm is the way to go :)

    @ Dean - thanks! It was a sneaky idea that was quick to pull off :)
    Imjin war pics and write-up will probably be posted tomorrow or Wednesday - I was too knackered this evening :)

    @ Robert - cheers! The sneakiness was worth it as they pushed me over 2.5k :)

    @ Ray - thank you! :)

    @ RMacedo - thanks! :)

    @ Markus - cheers! :)

    @ Rodger - thanks! :)

  9. They look great. You'd make me seriously think about 6mm if I didn't dislike painting them so much. Your stuff is superb

  10. Liking these very much, was tempted to get rid of my 10mm and convert down to 6's

    Which rules are you using with such large basing?