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Saturday, 28 March 2015

Challenge Round-Up

***Warning - Lots and Lots and Lots of Pics!!!***

Now that I've had a chance to recover from the trials and tribulations of 15 weeks of the 5th Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge, it is probably the right time to do a round-up of everything that I submitted.

After my previous two Challenges, I posted every entry in the order that I submitted them. I've decided to do something different this time and group the posts according to themes. I'll go with a historical order.

**Edit: I've added links to the posts on the Challenge blog for each entry**

28mm Wars of the Roses

Entry 14 - Retinue Archers (300 points)

This entry is the beginning of my 28mm WotR army for FoG. Sixty bowmen.

Charles Kneale, Baron Broadstone
Piers Rose, Earl Chelwood
Edward Kneale, Earl Anderida
15mm Choson Era Koreans

I managed to add a fair few units to my Choson Korean army this year.

Entry 4 - Righteous Army Command (11 points)

Entry 5 - Warrior Monks (107 points)

Entry 21 - Soldiers and Archers (144 points)

15mm Thirty Years War

Just the one unit this year!

Entry 19 - "Yellow" Foot Regiment (64 points)

15mm Seven Years War Russians

I managed to surprise myself with the speed and quality that I painted these up. Not to mention the fact that I actually completed an army (albeit a relatively small starter army).

There was also the added trouble of hand-painting the cast-on flags - I managed to produce a reasonable impression of the actual flags.

Entry 1 - Zeltiy and Slobodskiy Hussars (72 points)

Zeltiy Hussars
Slobodskiy Hussars

Entry 2 - Cavalry, Generals and Artillery (195 points)

This one was a rather packed submission!

3rd ("Fedorovitch") Cuirassiers
Kievskiy Cuirassiers

Sankt Petersburgskiy Horse Grenadiers
Tverskiy Dragoons

General Baron Ivan Tovokov; General Count Vasilliy Oldvol; General Vladimir Yvorluncz

Entry 6 - Grenadiers (74 points)

1st and 2nd Grenadiers

The flag I had to try to paint!

Entry 8 - 2nd Moscowskiy and Apsheronskiy Musketeers (74 points)

2nd Moscowskiy Musketeers
Apsheronskiy Musketeers

Entry 9 - Four More Musketeer Regiments (150 points)

Curt had challenged me to complete these four in a week - I got some extra points for succeeding.

Arkhangelovskiy Musketeers
Astrakhanskiy Regiment
Chernigovskiy Regiment
Novgorodskiy Regiment
And a picture of the whole army:

6mm American Civil War Union Army

I didn't quite finish this army - I've still got four line and two Zouave infantry regiments to paint up (of the ones which are prepped and primed).

Entry 12 - Eight Infantry Regiments (120 points)

Entry 15 - Cavalry and Command Point Markers (83 points)

Entry 16 - Artillery and Four Infantry Regiments (104 points)

16 artillery bases - do you think that's enough?
Smoothbores (4 of 12)
Parrott Rifles (4 of 4)

Entry 20 - Generals (20 points)

Entry 24 - Four Infantry Regiments and Sharpshooters (72 points)

28mm "Salutesville" - 1920s Pulp/Mob Wars

Entry 7 - Blame it on the Bellboy (10 points)

Entry 10 - Salutesville's Finest (105 points)

I exited the Challenge with these four lovely ladies from Salutesville:

28 mm Neo-Noir Pulp

Just the one entry in this category - my Curtgeld antihero.

15mm Science Fiction

"Get away from her you BITCH!"

Another points bomb, painted in a week!

The Grunts:

The Commanders:

Recon Squad:

Heavy Weapons Teams:

Forward Observers:

Plasma Guns
Laser Rifles
 Squad Attachments:
Plasma Guns
Laser Rifles

*Mobile Autonomous Weapon Platform

Wombat APCs
Wombat Flatbed, Command and Missile APCs
Rommel Gun Tanks
Rommel SLAM Artillery, Area Defence and Missile Tanks
Hover Drones
Hover MAWPs - plasma, tribarrel autocannon, missile
SAW and Plasma Gun Heavy Squads and Specialist


Following on from last year, I had to do some spaceships. Not as many as last year though!

Escort Cruisers
Heavy Cruisers
Battle Dreadnought
Super Dreadnought

Phew! That's a lot of entries and a lot of pics! If you've made it all the way down to here, congratulations!

If you want to see all the posts with all the pics and read my verbose ramblings, follow this link.

Doing some maths, here's a breakdown by category:

28mm WotR - 300 points (11.9%)
15mm Choson Korean  - 262 points (10.4%)
15mm 30YW - 64 points (2.5%)
15mm Seven Years War - 565 points (22.4%)
6mm ACW - 399 points (15.8%)
28mm Pulp/Mob Wars - 135 points (5.4%)
28mm Neo-Noir - 28 points (1.1%)
15mm SciFi - 622 points (24.7%)
Spaceships - 147 points (5.8%)

By scale:

6mm - 399 points (15.8%)
15mm - 1513 points (60%)
28mm - 463 points (18.4%)
Spaceships - 147 points (5.8%)


  1. That is a very, very impressive output Tamsin!

  2. Great effort now all you have to do is game with them all. I note enviously how entire armies are painted in the challenge what an excellent way to maintain the motivation.

  3. Amazing productivity Tamsin, bravo!

  4. There's a lot of very nice looking figures there! The Seven years wars figures are tempting me to start a new period. Are they real uniforms but with imagi names? Because that would solve the dilemma of historical or imagi.

  5. It is so easy to forget all one does in the challenge and girl you did a lot! Congrats on your placement in the challenge and with this whole horde.

  6. Is that it?;) The joys of a spectacularly productive winter. To effort

  7. As ever I'm impressed with the quantity and quality - well done on another excellent challenge.

  8. Wow I just think you burned out my eyes with how productive you've been. Fabtastic job Tamsin :)

  9. all top flight stuff - really inspiring work

  10. Very impressive, great job. The 6 mm ACW are my favourite.


  11. Incredible output and really lovely quality across the whole range. Think the ships are my favourite ones. Real sense of weight to them.

  12. Seriously impressive work Tamsin!!!!!

  13. Impressive, very impressive!

  14. Well done, Tamsin! That is years of painting for any other mortal. Now you can rest your brush and get lots of gaming in.

  15. @ Nate - thanks! :)

    @ Chris - some of them have already been bloodied on the tabletop :)

    @ Paul - cheers! But it's "Brava" in my case! ;)

    @ David - thanks! SYW is tempting you in? Those are actual Russian uniforms and regiments. Kronoskaf (online wiki-type site) is a good resource to get a feel for which nation(s) you might want to do :)

    @ Clint - thanks! The variety and quantity meant this post took much longer to do than I'd originally expected :)

    @ Martin - lol! It was incredibly productive :)

    @ Gordon - cheers! :)

    @ Dan - thanks! It's amazing how much I got done :)

    @ Simon - well, you'd better not take a look at DaveD, Miles, Millsy or MarkO's pages ;)

    @ Miles - thank you, and I return the compliments with spades :)

    @ John - cheers! The ACW were a blighter to paint, so I'm particularly glad with how they came out :)

    @ Herbert - thanks! The spaceships are actually quite weighty (the big ones anyway) :)

    @ Ray - cheers m'dear! It was a shame that you didn't have as much time for painting this year - it would have been good to have you and Fran back at the top again :)

    @ Phil - thanks! :)

    @ Monty - it is rather a lot, isn't it? Mind you, I'm still playing catch-up from all those wasted years of not painting, collecting and gaming :)

  16. Absolutely marvellous stuff Tamsin. So much variety, so much to like.

  17. You've been a VERY busy girl! Your output (and consistent quality) puts me to shame. Congratulations Tamsin. At the start of the Challenge I was regretting not entering this year, but by the end I was glad I hadn't embarrassed myself by taking part!

  18. Your output was truly impressive! A really nice selection of varying subjects as well!

  19. Thanks Tamsin for the Kronoskaf link. There's just about everything you need to know there to get started.

  20. @ Millsy - cheers GIMP! (sorry - couldn't resist!) I think that whilst having so much variety helped to keep me from getting bored, it did have to downside of slowing me down at times.

    @ Lee - thanks! You were missed this year and I think that if you had entered you wouldn't have embarrassed yourself - it would have kept you engaged and productive :)

    @ Samuli - thank you! The variety is down to a mix of boredom avoidance and my butterfly tendencies ;)
    I think next year I might try to stick to just one or two large projects. That way I might just be able to take on Dave and the M-Troika :)

    @ David - glad to have been of help. The Osprey "Essential Histories" book on the SYW is a good primer if you want to get a feel for the theatres and campaigns.

  21. When put together in to one huge post, it really does show how much you got done over the challenge. Hearty slaps on the back and high fives are in order !

  22. Judas Priest, so much work. You're a one-Girl sweatshop.

    There's no way you could have got them all into a group photo, besides it would have taken several days to lay them all out.

  23. Really I mean this, amazing work. Which doesn't seem enough to say to such a mighty post, but I admire your passion and skill.

  24. I'm on the other side of the pond and while finding good models for a WotR army is fairly easy, I'm having an issue finding a rule set that we like for easy pick up games. I was wondering if you had any suggestions for a rule set you like for it.

  25. That is one hell of a lineup, it was fun watching it all come together.. it's even more impressive in one post

  26. @ Joe - Thanks you! High five! :)

    @ Baconfat - it would indeed have taken an age to set them all out for a photo, not to mention the fact that I don't think I've got a large enough clear surface to do it! :)

    @ Whisk - thank you m'dear :)
    and boogie-boogie!

    @ Kushial - rules for WotR? I'll be using FoG:AM mostly although some people have suggested that FoG:R might do a better job. I might also use Lion Rampant for some smaller games. At the end of the day it comes down to what rules you and your friends like.

    @ Paul - it was a heck of a lot to paint, but well worth the effort! :)

  27. A wonderful retrospective Tamsin and a magnificent Tour de force - Bravo!

  28. Just checking your 30 Years War minis, from the previous post - lovely, like all the others. Thanks! :D

  29. Holy heck Tamsin.... That's damned impressive. There's a good reason I've never tried to enter the Analogue challenge and the sheer amount of work I am pretty sure I'll never be able to churn out. :)