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Sunday, 8 March 2015

Challenge Day 94 - On The Workbench

So, today I got to play with my new toys. First job was to get a feel for using them by messing around spraying dots and squiggles on white card. The Neo seems much easier for controlling airflow than the Revolution, but that may just be a case of needing more practice. It also gave me an opportunity to get used to the compressor.

Neo on the left; Revolution on the right

After a break to do some chores, I used the Revolution to do some priming. Then had a nap. After my nap, I used the Neo to put basecoats onto the models. I need to get a bit more practice with the new compressor and brushes to get this job right.

I also need to make sure that my paints are thoroughly mixed - I suffered an annoying blockage at one point, which resulted in an almighty splat of paint coming out at high pressure when I was actually after a fine spray when attempting to highlight one of the models. That necessitated a full strip-down of the brush and about half an hour of cleaning.

I forgot to take pics after priming, but here's a pic of them with base coats:

I'm not sure if any of these will actually get painted before the end of the Challenge. They are at least at a stage where I can finish them fairly quickly if I do have time at the end. In case you are wondering, the orange spaceships are the Crusty fleet from GZG and the blue vehicles are from Copplestone Castings - some reinforcements for Salutesville's finest.


  1. Sounds like fun getting to play with the new toys.

  2. I'm not if I have the patience to put in the practice I would need to get half decent results using an airbrush. Im looking forward to seeing what you produce with them in the near future. Are you going to paint figures with them or just vehicles and ships?

  3. Air brush takes a bit of practice. I used to use on 2 dimensional surfaces. Getting the paint mix is crucial to avoid that drama. You could try using a filter when pouring paint into the cup. cheers

  4. Do you use flow aid (or flow improver)? Not sure if this would help with the air brush but I use it watered down with my paints for normal brushes


  5. Airbrushes take time to learn you'll get it.

  6. Once you get the hang of them you will be away racing!

  7. I now have full airbrush envy. Love to see how you get on with it.

  8. Oops - forgot to reply again!

    @ Whisk - it was fun :)

    @ cwheeler - just vehicles and terrain for painting! I will use them for priming and basecoating figures - I'm not brave enough and the brushes aren't fine enough for doing more than that :)

    @ Brendon - I might just have to get myself a bunch of 6mm sci-fi tanks or pound shop toy cars to practice on. The problem with the paints was down to not having mixed them thoroughly, so a few thick globs had got into the colour cup. I don't think filtering is realistic at the volumes I'm using.

    @ Ian - the Model air paints shouldn't need anything, but I have used airbrush thinner for some bits where it's seemed a bit thick.

    @ Robert - I know that it will take a lot of practice to master, but I'm not doing too badly for someone who's only just started :)

    @ Rodger - hope so! :)

    @ Sean - I'm glad it's only airbrush envy! :)