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Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Challenge Day 97 - They're Up!!

Since getting back from his dirty long weekend away, Curt has been working like a Trojan to get all the entries that were submitted in his absence posted. Monday night saw the antihero bonus theme round get posted than last night he posted the normal entries that had built up.

So, here are links to my three

Project 1 - 30YW foot regiment

Project 2

Project 3

These have taken my tally to 2385 points and into 5th place again by 12 points. For a day or two anyway.

Progress has been a bit slow since the weekend as I seem to have acquired another cold. On Monday I didn't get any painting done, and my painting last night was slow. I'm feeling a bit more lively today, so I might get a good session in.

I have started on finishing the rest of the 6mm ACW Union boys, but if I carry on with them, I won't have anything ready to submit for Saturday. Once I've done the last little bits on the current figures, I'll put them aside and switch to painting something else - maybe the Curtgeld, perhaps the spaceships or the Salutesville PD support vehicles.


  1. The scoundrel taking a weekend off doesn't he know there's a challenge on? Good work holding down 5th place Tamsin.

  2. Looks like sleep deprivation has become a way of life with you, Tamsin - you're a painting machine!

  3. @ Robert - cheers! My 5th place was (as predicted) temporary; there's no way I can paint enough now to reclaim it :)

    @ Ray - will do!

    @ Evan - it's not sleep deprivation, just the way my body reacts to cold bugs. And for the umpteenth time, I am flesh and blood not a machine! ;)

    @ Whisk - sadly, that is but a dream :(