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Saturday, 14 March 2015

Challenge Day 100 - Open Season

Well, we are now into the final week of this year's Challenge and open season has been declared by Curt. This means that we are no longer restricted to posting on certain days.

This week hasn't been overly productive thanks to my cold. I've been feeling run down and whacked out in the evenings. I have managed to get some bits done though.

So, here's a pic of the workbench with various finished, in progress and about to be started figures and models.

So, what can you see?

*The base-coated armoured car and tank for my Salutesville coppers
*Some finished 6mm ACW Union skirmishers
four regiments of primed 6mm ACW Union infantry in line (I'll start painting them tomorrow)
*A finished spaceship - I'd just glued the flight peg topper to the underside when this pic was taken; I'll be taking proper photos in a while so that I can submit this one tonight. I was going to paint some more of these, but Clint emailed me to say that he's abandoning his spaceships.
*And last but not least...

"OMG! It looks like she's gone mad and is attempting to do some greyscale figures!!"

Yup, that's right. I'm painting two of the same figure (with slightly different posing) in greyscale, along with a victim casualty figure to go with one of them on a larger base. I'm doing quite well on them so far - just a couple more highlights to do and they'll be in the bag. Apart from the basing. And the varnishing. One of them will be my Curtgeld - I'll let the man himself decide which one.

I am still on course to make my 2500 points target this week. The spaceship and greyscale figures should put me 80 points away; four regiments of 6mm ACW Union will add another 56 points. That will leave me with about 24 points needed to get there.


  1. It's been so long since you last posted that some pf us were egetting withdrawl syptoms, but I knew you would pull through and show us that you're made of sterner stuff.
    All good bits to finish off with - can't leave you much of a mountain.

  2. That way lies madness... Enjoy it!

  3. Don't forget, he takes bribes of multiple figures for multiple batches of points ;)

    Good luck with the last few days!

  4. Are the greyscale ones for a particular project or just to stretch your creative painting muscles?

  5. Stoopid Colds! They're a right pain in the posterior!

    Best of luck with The Challenge entries.

  6. A most eclectic range of submissions - Greyscale? I haven't the courage to try that!

    Feel better

  7. Good luck getting to the 2500 points, I am safe to get my 2000 points so feel it's been a great year for both of us


  8. @ Joe - it was only 3 days! Not much of a mountain left? I've probably got as much unpainted (or part painted) as I've got finished! :)

    @ Dave - indeed, but so does painting an army of over 1000 Madhists! ;)

    @ Paul - I haven't forgotten that. Once the 6mm ACW are done, I might just paint up some more anti-hero types to see if he will succumb ;)

    @ Herbert - they're just to try something different but also because it seems right for the figures concerned :)

    @ Robert - did I ever claim to be sane? ;)

    @ Roy - cheers! They are indeed a pain in the posterior :)

    @ Miles - and the rest of my submissions haven't been an eclectic mix? :p
    Painting greyscale hasn't been that hard. The main difficulty is deciding which shades to use.

    @ Ian - and good luck to you. This year has indeed been kind to us both for productivity :)