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Saturday, 7 March 2015

Challenge Day 93 - What's In The Box?

So, this morning and the early afternoon were spent putting the finishing touches to projects 1 and 2 and taking photos. Later this afternoon I organised and resized the photos, then drafted and submitted the posts. I'm still not even going to show you any teaser pics of them though.

However, to make up for that there are some unboxing pics a short way down:

Having got used to my cheapo single-action airbrush and finding that the nozzle/paint channel does seem to get clogged with thicker paints like the Vallejo Surface Primer I decided that I needed a brush with a slightly larger nozzle, I also recognised that if I want to do anything fancier I need more control over the air and paint flow. So, I in fact need two airbrushes - a 0.5mm nozzle (and large cup) for priming and a 0.3 or 0.35mm nozzle type for detail work. To provide better control of the air/paint mix they'd need to be double-action. I'd also need a decent compressor - the one that came with my el-cheapo brush doesn't have enough control and when on provides a constant stream of air - there's no bleed valve. So, a decent compressor also needed to be ordered. To make it easier to switch between the two brushes I'd also want some quick-release fittings.

So, I placed an order with S 'n M Stuff on Wednesday evening. It was meant to be delivered yesterday, but I think the delivery guy must have been trying the wrong door at ground level as I got a text saying there was nobody in. So I called the delivery company, explained what had happened and they agreed to re-deliver it today and waived the usual weekend delivery surcharge.

A few minutes later I got an email confirming the delivery, saying it would be sometime between 8am and 5pm. I got up early, just in case and to allow me to nip to the corner shop to buy some bits before 8am. While I was having my first breakfast (I must have some Hobbit blood) - a chocolate croissant and coffee an email came in to say the delivery would be between 11.55am and 12.55pm! Phew! I could go back to bed for a couple of hours. On getting up it was time for a late second breakfast (coffee with an almond croissant this time). The delivery actually came a few minutes early which was good.

So, here are the goodies:

A big box

Contents of the big box

Neo CN for detail work

Revolution CR for priming etc

As well as the airbrushes, compressor and quick-release bits I'd also ordered some spare filters for my spray booth and some Vallejo Model Colour paints. The pen was a freebie.

The compressor comes with a coiled vinyl hose and a "trigger grip" moisture filter.

I'll be doing some priming tomorrow, so that will be a good chance to try out both airbrushes - I'll need to a little bit of practice work before the priming.

As for the rest of the evening, I'm taking a short break from painting as tomorrow will be fairly busy.


  1. Second breakfast and pastries sounds like me. :)

  2. Worth waking up for - twice!

  3. You say it's a new airbrush, but it could just as easily be a disguiese for a bong imo.

    We'll await evidence of it's use before a firm opinion is reached !

  4. IWatts are very good air brushes so have fun.

  5. I've never had chocolate or almond. Sounds delish.

    Glad they delivered it for you. Very cool.

  6. Very useful indeed! Like the idea of the second breakfast too! Yum!

  7. @ Robert - I believe that second (and maybe third?) breakfast should be made compulsory :)

    @ Nate - indeed it was :)

    @ Joe - drat! You've uncovered my secret! ;)

    @ Chris - they certainly have a good rep :)

    @ Whisk - they were delish. The corner shop gets a fresh batch of pastries delivered every morning at about 7am. The trick is to get there just after they've come in when they are still slightly warm (and before everyone else gets to them!) :D

    @ Rodger - definitely very useful. Second breakfast is a must on the weekend :)