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Sunday, 15 March 2015

Challenge Day 101 - Not Long Left Now

As the title of this post suggests, there isn't much time left until the end of the Challenge. So a quick update on the things I showed yesterday:

Spaceship - posted and it netted me 17 points, taking my tally to 2402 points. You can see it here.

Curtgeld - these were finished this morning and the draft post has been submitted. They should give me 27 or 28 points. That will take me to 2429 or 2430 points.

6mm ACW Union infantry - I'll be starting them later this afternoon. I'll need to have them painted, varnished and stuck onto 60x60 bases bu Tuesday evening at latest to ensure they can be submitted in time. If I use the same number (4) of skirmishers as before, that would give me 56 points, but I do have extra skirmish figures painted up, so I could add 6 skirmishers per base to make it 60 points. In fact, I probably will. That would take my tally to 2489 or 2490.

That will leave me 10 or 11 points away from my 2500 point target. Making those points up with more ACW is out of the question due to the time needed for basing. The Mongol cavalry would need to much work to finish in time. There are various other things that are ready to go though:

  • the Salutesville Police Department armoured vehicles
  • a load of civvies for the Mob Wars project
  • some Hasslefree figures for my own collection and for my (very late) 3rd Blogday giveaway
  • some more spaceships

I'll make my mind up once I've done the ACW.


  1. Keep going Tamsin, I'm sure you'll get to the 2500 mark!

  2. You are one singled minded, determined woman !

  3. You are so close you will make it!

  4. I have some figures to post but my painting may have come to an end for the challenge.

    I have burnt my hand quite badly, not so much that it has long term problems but not expected to be able to use it to grip much. Only good news is it's my left hand


  5. Hang in there Tamsin, you are so close now!

  6. Looking forward to the triumphant 2,500pt post!