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Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Challenge Day 90 - NSL Armoured Vehicles

For the last of three posts from my first submission of the week, here are the armoured vehicles for my NSL force. Well, the initial batch of armoured vehicles - you should know my megalomania by now will ensure that these get added to.

Panzer grenadiers obviously need armoured transport to get them to the battlefield and to provide fire support when they get there. So, we'll start with the armoured personnel carriers (APCs).

Standard APCs

Support APCs
Flatbed cargo APC, command APC, AT/AA missile APC

The APCs are all Wombat variations. Sadly "wombat" doesn't sound very Germanic - I'll have to come up with a more suitable name for them. GZG also do a heavier hover APC - the Gauntlet which I might have to get some of - I can have one company in the Wombats and the other in the Gauntlets. Hmmm, that gives me an idea for the alternative name for the Wombats...

Panzer grenadiers also need some Panzers - the name kind of gives it away! So, here are some tanks.

Gun Tanks

These are clearly a heavy gun variant, possibly a heavy plasma cannon which would explain why there is no apparent mechanism for leading shells! I might have to go back later on and do the blue plasma glow. GZG also do a turreted medium tank variant on the same chassis, so I'll be getting some of those.

Support Tanks

AT/AA Missile Tank

Air Defense Tank

With it's double quad cannons, this should keep the Panzer company safe from drones and VTOLs.

SLAM Artillery Tank

With its six heavy missile tubes, this tank will provide indirect fire support for the regiment.

Most of the painting of these vehicles was done with the airbrush. They were primed Dunkelgelb then striped with Hull Red. The next layer of the camo was Dark Blue Grey sprayed through a diamond mesh - it didn't work quite as well as I'd hoped, mainly down to lack of practice getting the right distance from nozzle to mesh and mesh to model. The final stage done by airbrush was Camo Light Green sprayed through a mesh with round holes - this worked much better, but I still had problems getting distances right. They were then finished by hand.

In all, the figures and models I've displayed in these three posts earned me 142 points, taking my tally to 2027 points.

I'm still working up the full TOE for my Panzer Grenadier regiment. I definitely need to add some more vehicles and possibly some more grenadiers (I've previously detailed the additions I'll be making to those). In the very long term, my megalomaniacal idea is to have very vehicle of the regiment. In the shorter term, I'll be adding representative groups of vehicles and using some models in more than one unit as needed.


  1. Tamsin - You are a machine! I am glad I'm not in the challenge!

  2. For someone who has recently started airbrushing you have a great skill already. Lovely job

  3. They look great Tamsin. Must get round to finishing my NAC and FSE platoons.

  4. Nice Little army and i love the camo.

  5. A great looking force in camo, Tamsin. Your airbrush technique is quite impressive.

  6. @ Pat - thanks! :)

    @ Pendragon Without & Whisk - no, I'm human. Honest! ;)

    @ Dan - cheers! It wasn't that difficult to pick up the basics. Learning to do really fancy, detailed stuff will probably take much longer.

    @ Carl - thanks! FSE? I'll be interested to see what you do with those :)

    @ Hobbyworker - nice? yup. Little - not so much unless you're talking the figure size. I'm already at nearly a full battalion! :)

    @ Dean - cheers! If you think my airbrushing is impressive now, just wait until I've had a lot more practice :)