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Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Challenge Day 89 - NSL Support Weapons

In the second of my posts showing the weekend's submissions to the Challenge, I give you a selection of support weapons for my NSL panzer grenadiers and power armour troops.

Hover Drones

These four drones will provide some fast-moving additional firepower for the infantry.

Missile armed drones

Tri-barrel cannon armed drones

I might add some more drones with mixed weapons at some point...

Mobile Autonomous Weapon Platforms (MAWPs)

For some ground level firepower support, the infantry get some MAWPs

Plasma Cannon MAWPs

Painting the blue glow of the plasma coils was a pain in the butt, although the finished look made the effort worthwhile.

AT/AA Missile MAWPs

Tri-barrel cannon MAWPs

When deciding on the technology for the NSL's vehicles, I considered that Teutonic practicality would tend towards hover rather than gravitic technology. The can still go over the same bad terrain that grav vehicles can (but which wheeled and tracked vehicles can't) whilst being more robust and easier to repair or maintain. Not to mention cheaper!

Now, some of you may think that I'm doing these posts to hide the fact that during my week off work I'm goofing about and not actually doing any painting. I can assure you that I am, but I want to surprise you all at the weekend. So there!


  1. Those drones and mawps look the business - nice job me lady.
    Where do you get the clear stands from - I need some for a couple of gravs?

  2. Nice basing mix you have there.

  3. @ Dan - cheers! The clear flight pegs came with them (along with clear stands). If you look in the Full Thrust section on GZG's store you'll find them in accessories. I think Brigade Models also do them.

    @ DaveB - thanks! :)