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Monday, 16 March 2015

Challenge Day 102 - Crusty Heavy Battleship

Before I crack on with the subject of the post, just to let you know that my Curtgeld entry is up on the Challenge blog.

Anyway, my 22nd entry (earning me 17 points; a few more than I'd expected) was a "Crusty" heavy battleship from GZG. There were a few comments about the colour scheme and how it looked like a corporate logo, with Curt himself suggesting that they were interstellar mobile phone salesmen ("accept our monthly calls and data plan or else") when it struck me. No, not mobile phone salesmen in space. It's Easyjet in space - budget space travel is clear a cut-throat business!

With that thought implanted in your minds, on with the pics:



  1. Nice work, Tamsin. Simple as it is, the backdrop is just fine :) Cheers!

  2. Marv looks great and even more so in a B&W pic - nicely done.

    As for the Crustie space ship well my mind has a block on it now and it's the easyjet orange. Good paint job.

  3. I have never been able to paint spaceships for some reason. Yours look great! you must be glad the competition is coming to a close.

  4. I think it must need some sort of creative inspiration to know how to paint space ships. I'm always silver then ... stuck.

  5. Like quite a few others I guess, I'm always impressed with the colour schemes you choose for your space ships,this Crusty one being no exception - it looks great.

  6. Nice paint job. Reminds me a bit of the seventies Sci fi movies.

  7. @ RMacedo - thanks! :)

    @ Dan - cheers! B&W was the only way to go with that figure :)
    "Stelios here - fly EasyWarp or be vaporised!"

    @ cwheeler - I guess I just have the knack for seeing in my mind how they should look :)

    @ David - well, I do seem to have a creative streak :)

    @ Joe - cheers! Glad you like it :)

    @ Markus - thanks! :)