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Friday, 20 March 2015

Challenge Day 105 + 1 - It's All Over!

Apart from the prizes and other announcements. Phew!

The Challenge closed at 6am this morning for us UK folks. Another season of furious painting has drawn to an end and we can return to a semblance of normality. I'll be taking a brief break from painting to recharge my batteries before finishing off some of the things I started but didn't quite complete:

6mm ACW Union army (4 more infantry and 2 Zouave infantry regiments)
Salutesville PD's armoured vehicles
2 more civvies for Salutesville
Crusty space fleet
5 more antiheroes
Mongol heavy cavalry

After those are done, I'll try to finish off my Wars of the Roses army. I suppose I should also try to finish off the Pirate Buccaneer army I was painting in the previous Challenge. I still need to do the command stands, artillery and light troops. And the camp. Oh, and finish the ship.

I got the four Union infantry regiments I was working on submitted, along with some thing else for that army, yesterday afternoon. You can see them here.

I then spent most of the afternoon and evening to work on a final entry (with breaks to read and comment on the frantic flurry of last day Challenge entries - there were so many, with so many pics that Blogger was having a nervous breakdown, causing Curt to have a nervous breakdown as Blogger deleted pics while he was editing posts!).

I did refer to it in my post on Wednesday - something that would combine taking the mickey and submitting some painted ladies for the Sarah's Choice prize. I finished them and submitted the post at about 2am. You can see it here.

I closed out the Challenge this year in 6th place with 2522 points. I'm absolutely flabbergasted by my final tally and with the sheer amount that I've painted over the past 15 weeks. Especially as I went into the Challenge while I was still recovering from the doldrums I experienced in the summer. i thought that my original 1500 point target was going to be a stretch to achieve, but I sailed clean through it in 9 weeks.

In a few days time, I'll post a retrospective of all my Challenge entries.

I haven't managed to post every day, but I did manage to post most days. I hope all the WIP posts didn't bore you too much!

Over on the Challenge blog I posted my thanks to Curt and my fellow Challengers. However, there is one very important group that I didn't thank there - all of you guys who read this blog and have left encouraging comments. Without you I probably wouldn't have been half as prolific as I was.

I tip my hat to you all.

So, what are my plans for the next few days?

Catch up on neglected housework
Get some non-painting (but gaming related) work done
Give my brushes a damn good clean

I've got the multi-player Imjin War game on Sunday. The campaign played by email has been great fun, although it has taken quite a bit of time away from my painting. We seem to have reached a very interesting point now and history may be changed somewhat. This afternoon and tomorrow I'll be having some fun creating flags for the Righteous Army contingents.


  1. You had a terrific out put. I just could not keep up. And it has been great fun following your progress.

  2. Hi Tamsin,

    Congratulations for your 6th place and all the paintwork you done!
    thanks a lot for your comments.

    Be seeing you in Portemerion;-)


  3. The gap between 6th and 7th was only 400 points! your just lucky my 401 point bomb was dud! ;)

    Just kidding Great job.

  4. Congrats Tamsin, very well done!

  5. Congrats on the fantastic results both in placing and wonderful minis. I've dropped by most days and have enjoyed watching your progress this year. My favourites were the 6mm ACW units.

    Enjoy your well earned relaxation!

  6. Fantastic entries Tamsin really enjoyed the range of scales and topics. Well done.

  7. I've been gobsmacked at the amount of work you've achieved over the last 15 weeks. Outstanding work! Well done.

  8. You reached and caught the sky so to speak. Not only did you surpass your previous efforts (not to mention many other peoples) but you put it to Ray in style. My hat's off to you Tasmin.

  9. I love the colours on your young gangster ladies. They look like they could have stepped out of a Tamara Lempicka painting.

  10. Congratulations on 6th place and a massive amount completed!

  11. Well done Tamsin. Your daily updates have reminded me how tough I found it taking part in last years challenge. Its not called a challenge for nothing! Congratulations on your final placement, an achievement of epic proportions!

  12. @ Clint - I'm actually surprised how much I got painted. I enjoyed your output as well :)

    @ Gilles - thanks! But I'm not a number, I'm a free (actually, rather expensive) woman! ;)

    @ Adam - cheers! your 401 point bomb? *lol*

    @ Rodger - thanks! :)

    @ Paul O'G - cheers! It's a shame you weren't able to join in this year - maybe next? :)

    @ Dannoc - thanks! Flitting between periods and scales probably helped me to avoid the dreaded painting funk that can come about from painting the same thing all the time :)

    @ Ashley - thank you! :)
    I can relax now for a little while!

    @ Robert - well, someone had to put the Sandbagger-in-Chief in their place! ;)

    @ Legatus - I'm glad you like their colours. I almost went for a very pale blue and pale pink - I think I made the right choice with the yellow and green :)

    @ Spiderweb - thanks! :)

    @ Lee - it definitely is a Challenge. I was lucky to have two such excellent sparring partners (Ian and Alan) in the middle and near the end (Martin C) to make me push myself :)

  13. I'm somewhat surprised you didn't finish in the top 5 this year Tamsin. I had visions of being buried in tiny blue men at one point. Regardless you had another great year and I've thoroughly enjoyed your stuff. Signed, the VAHPC GIMP.

  14. Congratulations, high fives and backslapping all round.
    It's been a great ride following your progress through the challenge, your output has been so very impressive.and quite exhausting too for your followers trying to keep up

  15. congratulations on getting to the end. Most impressive output and endurance. Not sure if I could have carried on painting for anywhere near as long or as fast!! enjoy your well deserved relax!