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Thursday, 5 March 2015

Challenge Day 91 - ESU Raiding Fleet

My second submission to the Challenge last week was a Mega Fleet from GZG. I've previously painted up small fleets for the FSE, NAC and NSL. OK, you've caught me in a little white lie. The NSL fleet was a touch bigger than a small fleet, let's call it a middling sized fleet. OK, OK - enough already. the NSL fleet is massive (and I have more ships for it in the lead pile!).

Anyway, it was time to paint up a fleet for the forth major faction in the Tuffleyverse - the Eurasian Solar Union (ESU).

Apart from priming (which I'd done a while ago by hand) the initial steps of painting these were done by airbrush. That definitely sped things up considerably and allowed me to try out a roughly striped camo pattern. The detailing was done by hand.

I'd decided that as this was a raiding fleet (in my mind anyway) that they would be done in an overall darker scheme. I know, I know - given the distances and high-tech sensors involved in space combat colours make no difference to detectability, but it looks good, so there!

Zheng He Class Scouts

Poryshkin Class Corvettes

Kunitsa Class Frigates

Ural Class Destroyers

Kiang Class Light Cruisers

Oriskansky Class Escort Cruisers

Xinglong Class Heavy Cruisers

Pobyeda Class Battlecruiser

Khalinov Clas Battleship

Morov Class Battle Dreadnought

Zhukov Class Super Dreadnought

Just look at that green engine glow effect!

This little flotilla scored 130 points, taking my tally to 2157 pints and catapulting my into 5th place.

In case you were wondering, I do indeed have a lot more ESU ships waiting in the lead pile - carriers (1 each of light, heavy and escort classes), an orbital assault ship, 2 heavy destroyers and 2 standard destroyers. Before anyone asks, I will be adding to that at some point - mostly cruisers and probably a few more destroyers, although the idea of a fleet based around a strikeboat swarm does have a certain appeal.


  1. Congrat. Nice ships. I did not know you have a flying license...

  2. They do look very good in dark colors. Congratulations on 5th place its well earned.

  3. Cracking stuff! Well done.

  4. Very nice indeed. The new sculpts are very Klingon-esque I think - well suited to a raider force!

  5. Well done. Still watching from the sideline amazed by how much you manage to paint. Puts my humble efforts into perspective.

  6. @ Markus - thank you! I don't have a flying licence, I just tell the pilots where I want them to take the ships and let them get on with it. It's a great life being a Grand Admiral :)

    @ Robert - cheers! the 5th place was short-lived and I doubt I'll get back there (except briefly before being overhauled again). I think the dark colour scheme works well :)

    @ Roy - thanks! :)

    @ Paul - cheers! I'm sure Mr Tuffley was inspired by the Klingons when he did these sculpts and they definitely work well as raiders :)

    @ Ashley - thanks! I've already managed to paint much more than I'd thought I would and I've still got more to come. At least I'll be able to take a break in a couple of weeks - I'll need it! :)

  7. They look very good Tamsin. What SF rules are you going to use for them?

    1. Thank you Padre! We're using Full Thrust for our fleet battles, although given the size of my fleets we might need to look at another set for larger actions :)