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Sunday, 1 March 2015

Challenge Day 87 - Today I have Mostly Been... (Updated - see end)

...painting these:

Yes, that's right. I decided that I would kick off my week with some 30YW infantry. I've got most of the way through painting them now, just a few details and touch-ups left. I'm taking a break for an hour or so, then will get the details done. The touch ups can be done in the morning.

I still haven't made up my mind about what to paint after these. I expect it will be the Mongols, if only to clear out a 4l Really Useful Box so that I can fill it with WotR figures.

Update - holy cow! Or, to be more accurate, Unholy cow! This was my "post of The Beast" - the 666th!


  1. Oh very nice. The yellow is looking quite striking already

  2. "today you have mostly been"...putting the rest of us to shame with your output.
    All good stuff nevertheless.

  3. Like a machine! Great work Tamsin. cheers

  4. Jeez, I'll be long gone before I ever get anywhere near my 666th post!

  5. Nice looking figures there Tamsin, working the 15mm myself today


  6. Lovely work on those Swedish, Tamsin :) Greetings!

  7. Lovely looking figures Tamsin - I've always been a sucker the Blue/Yellow combo.

  8. Blue/yellow Swedish? At the moment I'm on a cavalry and various flying or crawling reptiles thing myself.