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Sunday, 1 December 2013

Sunday Update

Well, Friday saw me feeling worse rather than better. However, I was feeling somewhat improved yesterday and today have been feeling almost 90%.

15mm SciFi Grav Tanks and APCs

These are very nearly finished. I've done the green camo, the detailing and washed with dark brown ink after giving them a spray coat of satin varnish. I just need to finish the basing on the flight stands and will then give them a spray coat of matt varnish.

15mm Seleucid Elephants

Especially for Mr Awdry, here are some pics of the almost finished elephants.

I just need to paint a few details on the mahouts and dry-brush the nellies with a lighter grey, then it will be on to painting the howdahs and crew.

The figures are from Donnington in case you were wondering.

NAC Intro Fleet

I got these painted this weekend, so here you go with a mass of pics.

All together:

As you can see, I've mounted them on clear stands from Litko (part of my purchases from Figures in Comfort this week).



"My word! She's painted bits on the underside as well this time!"

Oh, in case you're wondering, those are Litko flight-peg toppers glued underneath. I've also added these to my FSE ships.

Light Cruisers:

Heavy Cruiser: 

Battle Cruiser: 

The painting scheme for these was:
Sprayed with grey primer
Washed with mid/dark grey
Wet-brush with 2:1 pale greyblue/London grey (went a little too heavy and it went into recesses as well)
Dry-brush 3:1 pale greyblue/white
Lighter dry-brush 1:1 pale greyblue/white
Flat red on panel details
Dark blue grey mixed with metallic medium on weapons and engines
Hazard panels done with 1:1 yellow ochre/flat yellow then black lines
Green nacelles - base coat of emerald washed with fluo green
Bridge deep sky blue mixed with metallic medium
Weapon tips - fluo green
Engine effect - same as for the FSE fleet I posted last week

I then sprayed with gloss varnish and washed with London grey, then finished with a spray of satin varnish.

Plans for this week

1. Finish up the grav tanks and APCs
2. Finish painting the Seleucid elephants and crews
3. Prep the NSL fleet
4. Prep the Swiss halberdiers
5. Collect the packages that the postman tried to deliver while I was out on Saturday (I suspect they are my GZG order and another order from Figures in Comfort)


  1. Hope you're feeling 100%, soon :-)

  2. Thank you for the Nellies, they look wonderful! Good to hear that you are heading back to top form too.

  3. Wow! You've been busy! The camo on the tanks looks great, the elies are lovely and the space craft superbly done. Impressive!

  4. Your comments on my blog, these pictures, and the fact that Litko's having a 20% sale today has convinced me to pick up those flight stands and peg toppers

  5. @ Whisk - thanks! :)

    @ Michael - you are most welcome!

    @ DeanM - cheers! Glad you like them

    @ Brian - glad to have been of help to you. Two words of warning about the Litko bits. One - you may find that you need to ream out the holes in the toppers and hex-stands with a rat-tail needle file for the pegs to fit in. Two - the peg-toppers won't fit on some of the smaller ships from some fleets (eg, NSL destroyers and smaller ships).