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Thursday, 19 December 2013

Challenge Day 05

And the Seleucid cavalry are finished and submitted. As I can't post the pics of those until 24 hours after Curt posted them, but I can post some glamour pics of the finished nellies.

These figures are 15mm from Donnington.

It seems from comments on yesterday's posts that I will be painting the Viking berserkers next. Well, all I can say to that is "Wird bin ful araed!".


  1. I have only ever painted a couple of hephalumps. Which is why it is doubly nice to see yours. Excellent work.

  2. I always love Nellies, Oliphants and Hephalumps of all shapes and sizes. You've made me a happy man this morning as these are wonderful!

  3. Great and impressive units!

  4. Thanks folks. I'm pleased with how they've come out.

    @ Sidney and Michael - calm down boys, calm down! You'll do yourself a mischief if you get too excited :)