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Friday, 20 December 2013

Challenge Day 06

Today was the last day at work before Christmas. Knowing that most people would be off (so I'd have less work to do than normal, but still needed to be there until late afternoon, just in case) I decided to take the berserkers in with me, to take advantage of the quiet and get a start on painting them.

I'm quite pleased with the results so far - flesh is done to 3 layers and the wolfskins have received their basecoats followed by a wash of black-brown. I also basecoated the shafts of the spear and axes.

The wolfskin basecoats were done by mixing different browns with light grey. Tomorrow I'll be highlighting them with various weights of drybrushing and hopefully getting the rest of the details done.

On the way home I picked up a parcel from the local Royal Mail depot. It was an order I'd placed with EM4 Miniatures. I'd ordered a bunch of skull & crossbones dice to use when fielding my pirate army (once it's painted, of course - hopefully it will be completed by the end of the Challenge), some improved dice for use with the Ludus Gladiatorus game, and a couple of EM4's Kolinsky sable brushes to try as an alternative to the W&N Series 7 brushes I currently use but which are a pain in the neck to get replacements of.

There was also this:

I'll be using the coins (plastic ones sprayed gold, bought off Amazon a while back) as tokens to mark deteriorating cohesion levels during games. The treasure chest will be used to hold them until they are needed.

In other news, my Seleucid cavalry have been posted on Curt's blog and have netted me 48 points to start off my Challenge campaign. Here's the linky thing.


  1. The cavalry are very nice Tamsin, and thats a nice little bit of a booty chest, The beserkers look great I shall be keeping a weather eye on those ;)

  2. They look scary. Love the chest. Well done YOU.

  3. Yes equal points with me. I shall have to alter that. Interesting to note that Ray and Fran have yet to submit an entry. Could the "sandbagging" have started early this year, or are they just being lazy bums?

    Nice work on the berserkers, I look forward to seeing them progress. I also like the treasure chest I think it adds to the flavour of the Pirate army in a witty way.

  4. The beserkers are looking great Tamsin. Really like the chest and the plans you have for it.Thats thinking!!!!

  5. You should be well pleased with the result, they look great; decidedly foreboding!

  6. Nice work, great riders.
    The beserks look awesome. looks like a lot of drybrush work.