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Saturday, 7 December 2013

Pics of Anne's Cleavage (And Some Updates)

OK, to be more accurate, pics of cleavage painted by Anne! 

This lovely young lady was a gift she sent me via Fran. I would have received it a few weeks ago if I'd been able to make it to BlogCon. I'm pleased as punch to add such a wonderfully painted figure to my collection.

She also sent me this figure from Reaper, which looks as though it will be great fun to paint.

And now for the updates....

15mm Swiss Halberdiers

I finished prepping these during my lunch break on Thursday and primed them with gesso this afternoon.

28mm Berserkers

I prepped these yesterday and primed them this afternoon with Vellejo black surface primer.

28mm Mordheim(?) Figures

I received these two figures in a prize draw on someone's blog several months ago (or did someone gift them to me?). Anyway, these were prepped at the same time as the berserkers and primed with Vallejo white surface primer this afternoon.

NSL Fleet

Last night I got one batch of ships prepped, washed and assembled. I spray primed them this evening. The other batch got washed today and are now on long flight pegs ready for priming tomorrow.

Batch 1

2 Helgoland heavy cruisers; 4 Danzig class escort cruisers

2 Frankfurt class escort cruisers; 3 Nibelung class corvettes

Batch 2
2 Rommel class attack cruisers; 2 Kiel class light cruisers; 4 Emden class light cruisers; 2 Pola class frigates

I'm going to try to prep and prime the rest of the fleet this week. I'll probably go for a pretty basic dark grey colour scheme for these, with some panels picked out in a military green.

15mm Sci Fi - Heavy Grav Tanks and APCs

I've clearly had a busy afternoon and evening. As well as everything else, I also got round to finishing these vehicles from Critical Mass Games. They are from the ARC Fleet range. The bases were tufted and flocked, the vehicles sprayed with matt varnish and then glued to the bases. I'm quite pleased with how they've come out. After taking the photos, I added some magnetic sheet to the bases for storage and transport.

Grav APCs

Heavy Grav Tanks

Tipped to show the detailing of the  anti-grav units

Well, that's an awful lot of photos for one post, but they do show an awful lot of work that I've managed to get done since Wednesday.


  1. Anne still couldn't bring herself to paint a red-head...

    You've been busy!

  2. Looks like you have been busy.
    Anne's Figure is very nice. I am sure you must be very pleased with it.

  3. Yep. Busy busy busy. They look nice, and Anne's mini is really cool.

  4. Looks like you have been very busy Tamsin. Anne's fig is wonderful!

  5. Great to see you working hard and what a nice figure from Anne


  6. Very nice job on the tanks all I seem to be doing lately is prep work. Though not for the challenge mind you.

  7. Great cleavage Tamsin. That is a very nice gift to receive, you certainly have been busy with the primer.

  8. I get overwhelmed with all the lead being painted in this challenge. Good luck with all that.

  9. Gosh you are going to be a busy girl and Anne's figure is very nice

  10. You're obviously not holding back waiting for the challenge to kick off. Anne's fig is absolutely gorgeous too. Love the basing.

  11. Oh no! That title!!! You'll have to tell me how many page views you got out of that one.

    I'm glad to see you painting more Swiss, as I haven't forgotten last years epic run. When I look at the number of figures you guys are painting and compare to my planned 40, I want to crawl underneath a rock and die :)

    1. I was thinking the same thing about the title. Too funny.

  12. All looking very nice Tamsin. Good work.

  13. An excellent gift from Anne. The girl looks excellent!
    So do the other pics. Nice tanks and very promising Swiss. I'm looking forward to see them finished.

  14. Yup, Mordheim figures. IIRC special character Aenur the Sword of Twilight and the generic "leader" figure for the Sisters of Sigmar warband.

  15. Really good looking stuff Tamsin.

  16. Blimey!! you've put some work in there. Looking forward to see the Swiss painted :-)


  17. Thanks for the comments guys and gal. Lots and lots of prep helps keep me busy and away from the temptation of painting anything I've already got prepped and primed for the Challenge.

    @ Anne - I knew that title would get people going! Surprisingly it hasn't generated that many extra hits - I guess people looking for boobs don't use "cleavage" as a search term. And just think - if you ever decide to register on some dodgy hook-up site, you can always grab quotes from the comments here *grin*

    And thanks for the lovely miniature! *hugs* xx

    @ Arquinsiel - thanks for confirming that they are Mordheim. I just wish I could remember who I got them from.

    @ Bishop Lord, Monty and Anne - only 72 of them this time, then that should be it for my Swiss army.

  18. Great job on those. Hopefully Ral Partha will re-release them one day.

    1. I'm talking about those CMG beauties...

    2. Thanks! You've certainly been busy looking back through my blog and commenting :)

      Hopefully Ral Partha will get round to re-releasing them at some point

    3. Yes... sorry for the thread necromancy, Tamsin! I've been bitten by the 15mm bug since spring and search the web for inspiration and some better fotos of GZG units. I found both on your blog.