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Monday, 30 December 2013

Challenge Day 16

I've had a fairly productive day. After doing one more step on the Koreans last night, I decided to do some work on my "Villain" bonus theme entry. I opted to carry on with that today and finished painting it, did the varnishing, took photos, had a play with one of them using an online editor, then sent my entry off to Curt - I'd written most of the blurb earlier in the afternoon.

Unfortunately you'll have to wait for pics as Curt won't be posting the theme until Sunday. I'll just say that the villain and his villainy are well known to my followers.

Wednesday will be my second Blogday, so there will be a prize draw. There may be a slight delay though as I need to sort out what the prize(s?) will be.

This evening I will be returning to work on the Koreans. The steps I did yesterday were quite fiddly and time consuming - the rest should be much less onerous. Meanwhile, I need to work out what my next Challenge project will be and what to paint for the next bonus round (vehicle) - maybe some of my NSL fleet?

Sorry for the lack of photos today, but they are reserved until Curt has posted them.


  1. Looking forward to seeing your 'Villain'

  2. Ahh the villians round I shall look forward to the unveiling ;)

  3. Oh another dropship load nearly finished eh?

    Looking forward to seeing them


  4. Could the villain live near the Thames estuary?



  5. looking forward to seeing your villain

  6. Glad your day was productive. Here's to more fun painting in 2014.

    Cheers and boogie boogie.

  7. Good going I have yet to start my Villain so to hear that yours is finished is probably the kick up the arse that I need. I look forward to seeing the Koreans as they appear on Curt's Blog. And Have a great 2014

  8. @ Neil - you'll like it when you get to see it

    @ Andrew - the wait for my villain to be unveiled is going to stress out lots of us I'm afraid

    @ Ian - very, very close to finishing them now - just touch ups, varnish and basing to go

    @ Seb - the villain's identity is classified

    @ James - you'll just have to wait for Curt's post on Sunday

    @ Whisk - HNY to you and boogie boogie!

    @ Clint - sorry! Forgot to take my steel toe cap boots off - hope your arse doesn't hurt too much! HNY

  9. HNY Tamsin. Just emailed my villain entry off thankfully. Looking forward to seeing what you've put together!