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Saturday, 28 December 2013

Challenge Day 14 - Entry #3: 15mm Swiss Halberdiers

They've been up on Curt's blog for a few days, so I'm definitely clear to post them here. My third entry for this year's Challenge was a bunch of 72 Swiss halberdiers. The figures are 15mm from Donnington Miniatures and were (as with all my previous Swiss) painted to represent proportionally all the cantons present at Morat. This batch took me just about 2 days to paint and base.

These halberdiers complete my Swiss army for now. At some point I may decide to add a few more bases of them, particularly if I decide that I want to go for early Swiss (else my army would be rather small!).

I have done a bit more work on my next 15mm project. As nobody has commented, I might as well tell you what they are - 18 Korean crossbowmen and 80 Korean arquebusiers. If all goes to plan, I should be able to finish these on Monday and submit them in time to go up before the end of 2013.

I've also begun work on my entry for the Villain bonus theme. The parts have been washed and I've started assembling it. I need to do a little bit of Milliput work to add some extra touches to the figure.


  1. that's a great bit of work Tamsin - you sure do knock them out. would be interested to know what quantity you've painted over the past year.

  2. Two days to paint and base? That's not natural (for me anyway)!

    Wouldn't feel so inadequate if they were crap . . . :O(

  3. An impressive group of warriors. Excellent work and good to see a big batch of troops all in one go.

  4. Wow you're a machine Tamsin. Impressive output and quality. Need to see who is
    leading this challenge. Good thing I didn't enter, I would have been blown away!

  5. Very impressive, the mass effect is excellent!

  6. super work Tamsin, a good quality and output

  7. Lovely work Tamsin,I do like Donnington figures, wish they'd update all of their old back catalogue.

  8. These are great, I think I am in a bit of trouble as you charge ahead LOL


  9. Cheers guys!

    @ Dannoc - you can always check my 2013 painting page, or wait for Tuesday's post where I'll do a round-up :)

    @ Gary - I use a lot of "cheat" techniques to speed things up

    @ Clint - doing the Swiss in big batches is actually easier than doing small groups of them

    @ Dan V - the Challenge is more about personal goals although friendly rivalries do occur which help to drive people to higher outputs

    @ Phil - even more impressive when you have 256 pikemen all together ;)

    @ Ray - getting pics of all their figures up on the store would be a big help. I don't know whether any of their figures need updating

    @ Ian - my output may slow down a bit after these as I'll be working on the 28s