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Tuesday, 10 December 2013

She's Been At It Again - More NSL Ships Prepped and Primed

Yes, I have been busy prepping and priming more NSL spaceships. The 2nd batch (armoured cruisers, light cruisers and frigates) were primed, on Sunday afternoon. Since then I've been busy prepping more staff and finished the last of the ships this evening. Now I've just got 48 tiny little fighters to prep.

This evening I've prepped a large bunch of ships - the tender, Q-ship tender, tanker, battle dreadnought, heavy battleship, 2 heavy destroyers, 4 missile destroyers and 4 standard destroyers.

BDN, BBH, 2 x DDH, 4 x DD

Tender, Q-Ship, Tanker, 4 x DDM

Currently prepped and awaiting assembly and priming are a battle cruiser, battleship, heavy carrier, light carrier and 2 escort carriers. That last 3 are soaking in warm, soapy water at the moment.

CVH, 2 x CVE waiting to be assembled

As for the fighters, I'm still trying to decide how to base them. I've got 4 possible schemes:

NSL Adler II fighters:

Japanese Wakizashi fighters:

I'm leaning towards the version with 3 fighters on a larger hex as it will look less crowded, particularly with the Japanese when I get around to doing that fleet. In Full Thrust, fighters are meant to be in wings of 6, but that is easily recorded with a D6 for each wing.

What do you guys think?


  1. 3 looks good to me, less cluttered.

  2. Five is way too many and three on a small hex is cluttered as well. Three on a larger hex should do the trick. Looking forward to seeing these painted.

  3. I dunno how Full Thrust handles fighters compared to Aerotech but in that I have my capital ships mounted on a hex base and my fighters on a penny via a shirt pin, since fighters can occupy the same hexes as capital ships for a variety of reasons. I suspect my fighters are larger scale miniatures than these though.

  4. Nice, haven't played Full Thrust in a long time but I still like it. Pipette tips box holding up the ships in the top photos?

  5. Looking good there Tamsin and I agree that three fighters on a stand looks better

  6. Along with most others I think 3 fighters looks the best option. Always a joy to see GZG full thrust ships. Nice one mate.

  7. I have seen six fighters on a base but using wire painted as exhaust flames and the fighters at different levels on the one base very cinematic but 3 on a single base looks good and you get more fighters to play with.

  8. 3 Fighters looks good to me. Does having 6 on a stand make any difference under the rules? If not stick to what looks good :D

  9. Three is good, like the others have stated. I did similar with BFG, looks like these fleet ships will scale well with my fleet and they look nice too. I'm going to have to look into full thrust and see what other goodies are available!

  10. They look like fun, well done Tamsin.

  11. I'll add my voice to 3 per stand. Those ships are looking nice, they'll be a treat to see painted up.

  12. I like the six and then that little teeny three. Also, when I make my eyes blurry, these models look like snow flakes.

  13. Well, it seems as though 3 on a large hex gets the thumbs up from everyone, so that's what I'll go for.

    @ Anne - I'm not sure when exactly I'll get round to painting these. They may get done as recovery breaks between sets of historical figures during the Challenge.

    @ Arquinsiel - fighters are in wings of 6 represented by a single base. You need to record casualties and combat endurance, which is probably best done with dice, so the actual number of fighter models isn't really an issue.

    @ Ed - yup, pipette tip boxes. I've never actually played FT, but plan on gettign into it next year now that I have some fleets painted up.

    @ Clint - and they'll look even better when they're painted!

    @ Chris - getting more wings of fighter from the same number of models is always a bonus :)

    @ Simon - the number of models makes no difference

    @ david - GZG have some great models. It's also worth checking out Brigade Models whose ships are similarly sized. As for the rules, the originals are free to download from the GZG shop but they are spread across 4 books with rules in later ones superceding and expanding on earlier versions. There are a number of consolidated versions available on the web, including some variants for franchise universes (ST, SW, B5, BSG).

    @ Michael - spaceships are always fun! :)

  14. Depending how insane you want to get Aerotech can go from each fighter being an individual unit to using "stars" of ten at a time. If you want to get super-crazy I'm sure you could even fight boarding actions with the RPG rules.....

  15. I like them, and agree 3 or 4 fighters looks best, but i still prefer the original models for the NSL,ESU,NAC and FSE - even though some were a real pain to stick together!