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Thursday, 28 November 2013

Thursday Update

Grottyness, grottyness, grottyness. The cold I've had for over a week finally decided to wipe me out yesterday. It probably didn't help that since I caught it I was rushing round at work like a mad thing when the cold was at it's worst for snottiness and coughing. Anyway, yesterday saw me with sub-zero energy levels and today I was only just into positive energy territory so I've been stuck at home. Hopefully tomorrow will see me back at work.

I did get quite a bit done since Sunday's post though:

15mm Grav Tanks and APCS

These were all assembled and primed by Tuesday night. Today I've given them a basecoat of yellow ochre. Once that had dried, I did the first layer of camo (3:1 burnt sienna/yellow ochre) applied using a sponge. I've given the stands a base coat of burnt umber. Later tonight I might do the second colour of camo (3:1 sap green/burnt umber). Then it will be a wash of burnt umber and doing the detailing (crew, weapons, grav modules).

NAC Intro Fleet

I missed out one fact from my post on Sunday. While drilling out the holes for the flight stand pegs I made a booboo on the heavy cruiser and accidentally drilled too far through. I've plugged it with squadron green putty and drilled a new hole just to the side. The ships have all been washed and the battlecruiser assembled (which only involved gluing the bridge section to the main body) and they are ready for priming. I'll try to get them painted up this weekend.

15mm Seleucid Nellies

Having stripped the paint off these last week, I've now reassembled and primed them with the howdahs left separate for now.

15mm Buccaneer Standard Bearers

I've prepped the 4 standard bearers I bought for my Buccaneer army and washed them. I still need to add some wire for the flag staffs and then prime them.

15mm Swiss Halberdiers

I started prepping these at work this week and they are sat on my desk at the moment waiting for me to finish prepping them.

NSL Fleet

I've begun prep on these. Holes for flight pegs and the engine exhausts have been drilled out. Unfortunately all my needle files are at work so I won't be able to prep them for a few days.

Pre-Christmas Spending

I've been on a bit of a spending spree. I've placed orders:

GZG - more ships for my NSL fleet and some 15mm NAC power armour troops.

Tiny Tin Troops - a whole lot of magnetised bases for my 6mm ACW project.

Baccus - casualties, commanders, dismounted cavalry, some heavy ordnance and various oddments (tents, wagons)

Figures in Comfort - some pick'n'pluck foam trays for storing and transporting my Full Thrust fleets and a load of Litko tokens and bits for Full Thrust.


  1. Crikey you are busy! Wish I had that kind of energy when I'm off colour...

  2. Now there's a mix - the nellies look cool!

  3. Getting ready for the challenge eh?

    Hope you feel better soon. My wife has been yuck for near on three weeks now, nasty cold, me I'm fine LOL


  4. Still rough!?! Rum is always the answer. If it doesn't actually work on the cold, it gives you a reason for feeling like sh1t.

    In the meantime, ease up pom all the prep work - you make me feel guilty!


  5. You've been very productive! Love the Grav tanks color scheme. Best, Dean

  6. Nice work. Lots of different stuff there spanning quite a range of time periods.

  7. Sounds like you have been busy despite the cold. It takes a lot of energy in those circumstances so you've got my respect.

  8. Sucks to hear that you are sick. But at least your painting is coming along nicely.

  9. Interesting mix of figures and periods here. Will be good to watch them all evolve.

    Cheers, Ross

  10. Your a busy girl, illness or otherwise. Nice eclectic mix of projects you have on the go.

  11. Blimey still rough!!! poor thing you!

  12. @ Michael Mills - apart from the shopping, most of this was done on Sunday, Monday and Thursday evenings. I didn't get any work done on Tuesday evening or Wednesday as I was totally drained. Yesterday's painting didn't require much energy.

    @ Michael - they'll look even cooler when they're finished :)

    @ Ian - the only figures which will be for the Challenge are the 4 standard bearers for my Buccaneers. The rest of the stuff that's on the table I aim to paint up before the 15th.

    @ Gary - no rum in the house, but I do have some nice single malt whiskies :)

    @ DeanM - cheers! They look even better with the green added. That being said, I think that going with burnt umber as the darkest camo would have looked better still - I might try that on another batch of vehicles sometime.

    @ Dan - cheers! It is quite a mix isn't it?

    @ Clint - the bits I did yesterday didn't require much energy thankfully.

    @ commisarmoody - cheers!

    @ Ross - definitely a good variety pack of projects. They should evolve quite quickly.

    @ Lee - it only looks like I'm busy in comparison to the normal outputs of some Challengers ;)

    @ Ray - luckily all my prep and priming for the Challenge is already done :)

  13. Bloody hell you have been busy Tamsin! Liking the camo wip looks good so far. I always struggle with camo let alone on vehicles.

  14. Nice stuff. I like the NAC Intro Fleet.