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Sunday, 29 December 2013

Challenge Day 15

I didn't get much work done on the Koreans today, so it will be a push to get them finished before the end of 2013. If I focus solely on them tomorrow and Tuesday I might just get them done in time.

The reason for not doing much on them is that I made a start on my villain bonus theme entry. The figure on its own would have looked good, but I decided that what I really needed was a backdrop for the photos. So I made a start on that and have almost finished - just need to apply a second layer of paint on one item.


  1. Strewth! This level of output is inspiring.

  2. Lovely output, maybe you need to look at your points LOL


  3. You are, I think, a master of Batch painting. I am always impressed that you can paint so many in one go. I would get bored far to quickly to attempt to work the way you do.

  4. I was just thing what Clint said! Seeing them amassed like that is quite staggering - intrigued by the villain too!

  5. Have to agree with Clint I have to use much smaller batches due to boredom, you have the paitence of a saint, but that said I am bloody impressed

  6. @ Gary - if you think my output is inspiring, take a gander at Loki and Kent. Their output puts mine into the shade

    @ Ian - my painting rate will slow down once I get back to work on Thursday and when I switch to doing 28s. I'll see how things go

    @ Clint - no. I'm a mistress of batch painting. I do get bored with the repetition though, particularly on these blighters.

    @ Michael - the villain is finished, but you'll have to wait for Curt to post the pics on Sunday.

    @ Andrew - I prefer small batches as well, but these made some sense to do in one go.