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Wednesday, 11 December 2013

NSL Carrier Assets Primed

I spent yesterday evening assembling the heavy carrier and two escort carriers. The heavy carrier was a right royal pain in the 'arris to put together.This evening they got a blast of grey primer.

Heavy carrier with a 15mm NAC trooper to show the size

The heavy carrier is a weighty beast. I've now glued in a 2" acrylic peg, reinforced at the join with the ship using a short collar of 5/32" brass tubing. For painting the ship I've got a 4" length of 3/16" brass tubing. When I go to use the ship for gaming, I'll need to add another short length of 5/32" tube as reinforcement.

Escort carriers

Awaiting assembly are the light carrier, battleship and battlecruiser. I'll probably assemble them tomorrow evening (I need a break from superglue!). I'm taking the fighters and my extra NAC heavy cruiser to work tomorrow to prep.

Going back to basing the fighters, it seems that everyone agrees that 3 fighters on a large hex looks best, which is what I was leaning towards anyway. When I do them, I'll probably play around with different formations to give a bit of variety.


  1. I like how your paints are organized in the back there. I have similar set up with my bake boxes.

  2. God, those look like great ungainly things to try to put together AND all in white metal too! Yikes! Good on you, girl.

  3. I those ships! They remind me of the only part I liked from Starship Troopers the movie.... the starships!

  4. Good stuff. I have a NSL fleet to paint as well I shall enjoy seeing your colour selection.

  5. Love the look of these ships. Look forward to seein the fleet assembled and painted.

  6. Great work and I do like the NSL ships they look like the ones in B5