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Sunday, 22 December 2013

Challenge Entry #1 - 15mm Seleucid Cavalry

As they've been up on Curt's blog for over 24 hours now, I can post them here.

This was my first entry in this year's Challenge and netted me 48 points. I should more than double my score today when the non-combatant bonus theme entries are posted.

So, the Seleucid xystophoroi cavalry. The figures are from Donnington Miniatures - 11 are companion/agema cavalry with one cataphract as a leader. I went a bit further than usual with these and did more than one layer on the armour and cloaks. Looking at the pictures now, I realise that I missed a step - there are no white markings on any of the horses' legs! Oh well.

I decided to keep the basing fairly plain, but might add tufts in the future if I can find some that would look right.

Glamour shot with the nellies!

I'm quite pleased with these boys and hope you all like the look of them.

I was feeling pretty wrecked yesterday after doing a shop to stock up on food for the holiday, so I halted work on the berserkers as I didn't feel up to doing detail work. Instead I started work on another of my challenge projects, doing black and yellow ochre undercoats on a bunch of 15mm figures. This morning I drybrushed over the black with oily steel.That might give some of you a hint of what the project is if you remember my entries last year. I might even be able to get them pretty much finished today (apart from flocking, tufting etc) so there is a chance that I will be able to add a goodly quantity of points to my total before Christmas. As I'll be heading down to my family in Sussex for a few days and won't be able to take any painting with me, that would be quite handy.


  1. Nice cavalry, that should pack quiet a punch!

    Cheers, Ross

  2. Well done Tamsin. If you do get away for a few days, have some fun and enjoy yourself. All the best Clint

  3. Very nice work Tamsin, Have a good one

  4. More Swiss coming this way?
    Have a nice Christmas.

  5. Shame about the White socks on the nags but they still look very good. Happy X-mas

  6. Very nice work !
    I wish you a merry christmas ;-)

  7. Hi Tamsin,

    they are great!
    a cool family picture with their Friends Nellies.

    Have a nice a Santa !

    Best regards


  8. A killer combo in both looks and what they'll deliver in FoG.

    Enjoy your family time!

  9. Happy to hear you all like them! :)

    @ Ross - they will pack a nice punch on the table :)

    @ Clint - I will have fun and enjoy myself while I'm away. Catching up on all the Challenge posts when I get home will be tough work though.... :)

    @ Loki - and you sir! :)

    @ Seb - Swiss? Maybe, maybe :)

    @ Paul - they were obviously selected for not having socks. Well, that's my excuse now that I've considered it! :)

    @ el frances - a wonderful Christmas to you too :)

    @ Gilles - I just had to put up one pic of them with the glamorous nellies :)

    @ Dean - cheers!

    @ Monty - cheers! They should be very handy in FoG if they can overcome my dice rolls! :)

  10. Nice job Tamsin! Looking forward to your Bonus theme entry!