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Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Early Xmas Pressies For Me; Quick Update

A couple of posts back I told you that I'd ordered myself some early Xmas pressies. They've arrived, so let's look at the shininess!

From GZG:

15mm NAC Power Armour troopers

Some freebies - a J Peasmold waste recycling ship and some NSL ships: Q-Ship tender, 2 Emden class light cruisers, 2 Rottweil class missile destroyers. Not a bad haul at £23.10 of freebies from an order just over £100. Plus a 20% discount voucher I can use in the new year. But curses, curses, curses - the two Emdens mean I'll need to order 2 more Kiel class light cruisers so that I have 4 of each. That Mr Tuffley certainly knows how to extract money from your bank account!

6 packs of Adler II class light fighters

A Lady Christina class salvage/repair vessel and a NAC Battleaxe class heavy cruiser

NSL Odenwald class fleet tender and Walchensee class fleet tanker

Helgoland class heavy cruiser, 2 Rommel class attack cruisers, 3 Nibelung class corvettes, Kiel class light cruiser, 2 Danzig class escort cruisers

Graf Spee class battleship, Maria Theresa class battle dreadnought, Wien class light carrier

Neu Salzburg class heavy carrier, Prinzessin class escort carrier, Hapsburg Class heavy battleship

Gulp! That more than doubles the size of my NSL fleet and probably makes it much larger than my Japanese fleet. Even more prepwork for me to do....

Baccus 6mm:

Some extras for my ACW project:

Casualties and 3 inch ordnance

Casualties and 3 inch ordnance

Union and Confederate commanders

Union and Confederate dismounted cavalry (2 packs of each)

Wagons, civvies, tents, gabions and stacks of cannon balls

Apart from the casualties, I won't be prepping these up for a while as I think my current load of prepped figures for the Challenge are more than enough to be going on with. If it looks as though I may have time to get these done as well, then they will get prepped and painted during the Challenge.

As well as these, I've also received my orders for magnetised bases from Tiny Tin Troops (for the ACW project) and pick-and-pluck foam trays for my fleets from Figures in Comfort.

Quick Update

I haven't done any painting since Sunday, but did get a bit more prep done on the Swiss halberdiers on Monday.

On Monday evening I was at the club playing X-Wing with Simon. We got three games in - one at 50 points, one at 75 points and one at 100 points. I won the first two games but lost the last. I forgot my camera (well, to be accurate I didn't have room for it in my bag anyway) but Simon did take some pics and hopefully he'll post them on his blog at some point. Great fun was had by both of us.

Yesterday I was freezing my tits, err, toes off on the picket lines at work (yes, I am a trade union activist and proud of it) and at a rally outside the employers' association offices from 7.30am to 1pm. I decided to skip the main rally (and the march down to it) as I was desperate for the loo (I knew that third coffee was a mistake!) and head home, via the local Royal Mail sorting office to pick up the packages I'd missed on Saturday. After unpacking the parcels I crashed out for 3 hours on the sofa and when I woke up in the evening I didn't feel like painting or doing any prep.

Today has been weird. I had what I call an "episode". Over the last 13 years I've suffered these. What happens is that I go into a very deep sleep and nothing will wake me up - alarms, phone ringing even people buzzing my doorbell. I eventually do wake up in the early evening, feeling drained and somewhat confused. I did get tested by the neurologists several years ago, but as they occur so randomly and infrequently they couldn't make a specific diagnosis. Their best guess is that it is a form of sleep epilepsy. So, I haven't been at work today either.


  1. Hi
    What a haul. I bought the GZG NAC box starter set and a few extra packs including a couple of packs of the power armour tropers. I've prepped the lot and based and have started painting, There are a couple of vehicles ready to photogtaph at the weekend and put on my blog.
    Nice figures though some of the power armour troopers packs were miss moulded but apart from that they're good.


  2. 6mm! Are you mad, woman! Nice haul you got there though.

    Can you remember the moment you fa;l asleep or what happened right before that? I' have absence seizures and have no memory of them, which is typical. Thirteen years is too long to go without proper diagnosis and treatment and I hope they can figure this out for you as you shouldn't have to go through this.

    Best wishes on the strike.

  3. Very nice Chrimbo prezzie to self there Tamsin.

  4. A nice little pressie there Tamsin!!!

  5. Some FT civvie models there I've been tempted by for several years...

  6. What a haul! Plenty to keep you occupied during the Christmas break.

  7. That black out sounds freaky.
    Good on you for being a proud union member.
    Stick up for your and our rights.

  8. Well Happy Early Crimbo. I am sure you must have been nice to get that lot. Interesting about your sleep patterns, any chance it is stress related?

  9. Some really cool pressies there Tamsin! Hope you don't get too many of those episodes though!

  10. The 'blackout' sounds scary - like your having absent seizures - thats quite worrying. Get yourself checked out girl and don't get palmed off by the GP with some flaky excuse! We need you healthy and alert for the Challenge!!

    Best of luck with the Industrial action. I know its 'unfashinable' to be a member of a union these days but in my humble opinion people with that attitude can go poke themselves! Anyone that thinks companies are fair, have our best interests at heart and wouldn't screw us over if it served their purposes are living in cloud cookoo land.

  11. Judging by the amount of lead it would appear that somebody has been a good girl! As for the black outs - do what Lee says!

  12. Very strange about the blackouts, for once I'm in agreement with Lee, good haul of metal as well.

  13. The blackouts sound really scary. Is it possible to arrange to have yourself checked out right after an episode. Frequently post episode tests can reveal residual abnormalities even though the episode has passed.
    I agree with Lee about the union thing. I was a teacher union member for my entire working life (forty years) and my grandfather and Godfather were also lifetime union members. Workers would have very, very little if they had to depend on the goodness of management's heart for a living.
    Be well and enjoy your Christmas presents. I just did the same with my 28 mm ACW collection.
    A/K/A The Celtic Curmudgeon

  14. @ everyone - it is a nice haul and thoroughly deserved IMHO.

    Re. the "episodes", the only way they can get a confirmed diagnosis is to be able to observe what is going on when one occurs. As they strike randomly and very infrequently that isn't really possible to do as I'd pretty much have to live at a sleep research centre until one occurred which could be anything up to a year (or maybe more). I'm actually more concerned that I still don't have a diagnosis of the underlying cause of my chronic fatigue which is more of a problem.

    On the trade union thing - I joined my union as soon as I was sure I was going to be confirmed in post at my first job after university and a few years later became a rep, then Branch secretary and then got involved at national level. I cut back to just workplace involvement a few years ago. Unions are all that stand between us and where the bosses want us to be (somewhere back in the 18th century).

    I'm not sure where my trade unionism comes from, as both my parents were ardent Tories. Somewhere along the line my older sister and myself tore up the blueprint and veered left *grin*

    @ Dan - unfortunately for me, I bought the rest of my 15mm NAC back before he was doing starter packs. I look forward to seeing how you paint those up.

    @ Anne - 6mm is God's Own Scale and I have painted those tiny warriors before.

    @ Mad Tin Hatter - I've also got a civvy freighter in the leadpile from last year's Xmas freebies!

    @ Sir Michael - good girl? Nah, Santa knows not to mess with me! ;)

    @ Jerry - the consultant neurologist I saw years back said they'd love to be able to do that, but it simply wouldn't be possible as the equipment they'd need to use is booked up several weeks in advance.

  15. 'Ere, this 'episode' thing. I get them every so often and in my case it's migraine. If I get the warning signs when I'm awake I can even kill off the impending migraine with strong brufen or paracetamol/codeine. However, if the migraine comes on while I'm asleep (which it does sometimes), I get the same symptoms as you. My Son has exactly the same problem.

  16. Good looking stuff. The episode sounds a little troubling. Make sure to take care of your self and I'll see you in the painting challenge.