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Saturday, 14 December 2013

NSL Fleet Assembled

Well, as all of my NSL fleet have been prepped, washed, assembled and primed I thought it would be a good opportunity to take a shot of them all together whilst they await berths in the space dock for painting. So, without further ado:

I know, I know - that's rather a lot of ships. I'll be adding a few more next year, when I place an order using my 20% discount voucher.

In front of the pipette boxes you can see the fighters. As they are so small I've drilled out the engine exhaust and mounted them on pins. the pins themselves have had the sharp points snipped off after being pushed through strips of vinyl floor tile.

I also managed to get prepped, assembled and primed the NAC heavy cruiser and the three civilian ships:

L to R: Starchaser long haul heavy freighter; J Peasmold waste processing ship; Lady Christina salvage/repair ship; NAC heavy cruiser

Analogue Painting Challenge Starts Tomorrow

Time certainly seems to have flown by. Tomorrow will see me begin work on my first entry for the Challenge. This will be some medieval civilians for my Swiss camp scene, which is handy as they will also count towards the first of the fortnightly bonuses.

Alongside them, I'll be finishing work on the Seleucid elephants. With just a week and a bit until I head down to Sussex to spend Christmas with my family, my plan is to get some of the small projects done by then, leaving the huge projects until I get back to London. I'm not sure which will be first up from the multitude of projects I've got ready for the Challenge..


  1. Good luck with the challenge.

  2. That's an awful lot of tiny spaceships you have there Tamsin! Very best of luck to you.

  3. Good luck with the comp Tamsin!

  4. Best of luck in the challenge lassie!

  5. Good luck in the challenge Tamsin!


  6. Well done getting them all stuck together! Soooon you will be plastering all opposition with those class 3 batteries Heh, Heh, Heh!