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Wednesday, 20 March 2013

The "Is Ray A Sneaky Sandbagger?" Poll

In response to the comments on my previous post, I've added a poll for you to decide whether or not Ray is a sneaky sandbagger. You'll find it at the top of the left hand sidebar.

This is just for fun, and I know Ray will be hoping to get his revenge when he and Fran get round to doing their "Introductions" to the Honorary Rejects.

Edit to Add:

It may not be obvious, but you can select more than one option in this poll.


  1. So have I, he could outfit a WW1 trench system!

  2. The answer is obvious isn't it?

  3. Ray who?
    less sandbag more Maxi bag of building sand
    but always done with a smile.
    not enough to stop the Kiwi's this year though

    Peace James

  4. I normally stay out of these squabbles... but 40% of the points in the final sprint? Ray, where were you when there was all that flooding?

  5. @ Ray - you either don't know who you are, agree you're a a sandbagger or admit to being the High Imperial King of Sandbagging ;)

    @ Fran - on both sides of no mans land? ;)

    @ Seb - I believe it to be so, but poll participants will have the final say :)

    @ James - I think it was actually 2 maxi-bags this year! :)

    @ Jim - not so much a squabble as some friendly rib-poking ;)
    I think he was probably filling his sandbags in preparation for the Challenge when there was all the flooding

  6. I voted... then changed my vote and I appear to have broken democracy again. if ever I vote and the end result seems to be impossible, like 500 votes to one when only 300 people voted then its my fault.

    anyway I don't think that its to much of a problem... this is a dictatorship anyway what you say counts on this blog.

  7. I don't care! He's decent enough in Real life and that's good enough for me :)

  8. Of course he is... two years in a row!

  9. You really need the option "The Sandbagging Gentleman" given his honourable pointing out of the mistake with his points.

    He may be a Sandbagger but he is our Sandbagger ;-)


  10. @ Gowan - ahhh, so that was you making it go crazy! :)
    I'm a benevolent dictator, and I think ti's clear which way the vote is going! ;)

    @ Clint - he is a decent chap, and we love him to bits even though he's a sneaky sandbagger (according to poll results so far)

    @ Lee - well, we saw what he did last year, so expected it again this year :)

    @ Ian - indeed he is. Unfortunately I can't edit the poll now that people have voted, but that would an excellent category to add if I could. He is most definitely our sandbagger and we know that and love him for it! :)

  11. Sandbagger extraordinaire I say!

  12. I voted! Bet you can't guess my vote:)

  13. Erm...

    ...can I just say....

    ... 950 pts, baby :D

  14. Mais ouis! But he is le sandbaggaire par excellence!

  15. My word! 4 "No" votes? One must presume that they picked that answer because they couldn't conceive of Ray sneaking *lol*

    @ Andrew - indeed, he is Ray

    @ Donogh - my translator says that "extraordinaire" isn't French for "sneaky"? ;)

    @ Anne - bet I can! ;p

    @ MikeW - yes, but your 950 points was submitted long before the end, so wasn't a sandbag. Not to mention the fact that you had posted on your blog that you were painting them up, so people knew they were coming, ergo, they weren't a sandbag.

    @ Rosbif - does "par excellence" mean "sneaky"? ;)

  16. While I think he is the king of sandbagging I don't think he is particularly sneaky about it. Everyone knows he is going to come out with damn near a whole 15mm army for the last submission. I think he has learned this from bidding on ebay, you know the person that outbids you by $1 immediately after your bid with 5 seconds left. (I know it's automated but it still pisses me off.)

  17. I voted no. There's nothing sneaky about his sandbagging at all...

  18. I've altered the end time for the poll as I think it's best it ends quickly.

    As for the "no" responses, my fault for how I worded the question - there was nothing sneaky after all as we all expected it.

  19. The much maligned and misunderstood Raymondo – poor lamb! Great idea though Tamsin. :D