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Friday, 1 March 2013

I've been ever so naughty....

Guilty Kitty looks guilty

....and bought X-Wing! After work I popped into Orcs Nest and purr-chased the following:

2 core sets; 1 each of the A-Wing, Y-Wing, TIE Advanced and TIE Interceptor expansion packs. Oh, and a YT-1300 expansion pack for good measure.

"A YT-1300? What on Earth is that?" I hear (some of) you say. It's actually a well known vessel in the Star Wars universe. One example is currently owned by a former officer of the Imperial Navy accompanied by the prisoner he rescued from execution (which rescue led to him being a former officer of the Imperial Navy). what? You still haven't got it? OK, another clue - a 10-century bird of prey. Got it now? Good.

Yes, I forked out £25 for the Millenium Falcon expansion pack.

Unfortunately they didn't have the X-Wing and basic TIE fighter expansion packs, so I'll need to pick one each of those up at some point. And maybe a Slave 1 expansion pack too, just to complete the set.

Once the Challenge is over, I will try to get a couple of games in at the club.

Swiss Pikemen Prep

I'm almost there on prepping the pikemen - just 30 more hands to drill. I should have all the prep done tomorrow evening and might have managed to prime them before I go to bed. Then it will be time to crack on with the painting. I must be crazy attempting this - painting 256 15mm pikemen in just under 20 days. Can it be done? Who knows? One thing I do know is that I'll be wanting to take a well-deserved break from painting after that!


  1. *slaps forehead*

    *slow head shake*

  2. Yeah, bad pussy cat. Although, to be fair, I did the same...

  3. Heh, I keep looking at it every time I go into the stores. Here in the US Target has the game and my wife has the 5% off Red Card for the store...savings! Now if I can slip it into the cart at some point!

    The game looks interesting, watched a few games. Just not sure when I would have time to play with everything else on my plate and finding players in my area. Of course you have it easier being a girl...it's like getting to play a game with a unicorn!

    I've been wrapped up with Bolt Action and a few other projects that I cannot think about affording it anytime soon.

  4. I bought it when it was released, as yet I have not played a game :)
    Good luck with your pikemen, I plan to try and finish my French SYW army before the challenge is over its only 76 inf 8 cav 6 cannon and 4 command bases easy
    Peace James

  5. great game. It's actually a lot of fun out of the box without expansions as you can arm and pilot the ships with a variety of cards. My friend and I played satisfying games all day after learning the game, with just the box set and the tie advanced.

  6. is it sad that i knew what a YT-1300 was?

    Excellent purchases, very jealous!

  7. So far I have resisted this, although I will undoubtably cave in later in the year, need to get a cooker first though :)

  8. I am very envious. I have yet to give in and purchase X-Wing but, like styx, I have been eyeing it at the local Target store since before Christmas. My son keeps reminding me that we haven't bought it yet. Please let us know your thoughts on the game, with plenty of pictures of the minis to drool over.

  9. Yay! I have the Millenium Falcon on order at my FLGS, and will probably pick up a second starter sometime soon, need those extra Ties!

  10. You'll enjoy x wing. had a game last might, the highlight being Darth shooting down Wedge

  11. @ Ski - *Public Service Announcement* when slapping your forehead it is advisable to remove sharp objects, sledgehammers etc from the hand(s) doing the slapping ;)

    @ Vladdd - at least I didn't sneak off and abandon my work colleagues to buy mine!
    (actually, I don't blame you for doing that - I know what it's like after courses, wanting to get away from the same people you've been stuck in a room with for days)

    @ styx - it is pointless resisting. Give in to the dark side of the Force.

    @ JamesB - is that SYW stuff 28mm? If so, that sounds even crazier than my plan with the pikemen

    @ Spacejacker - from everything I've read it seems to be a good fun game. Getting the X and TIE expansions is a must as you say to get the extra pilots and upgrades.

    @ Clint - how very Dick Emery of you!

    @ Dark Templar - in most other environments, yes it would be sad. However, you are safe here amongst fellow nerds and geeks!

    @ AndrewS - give in to the dark side!

    @ Sean - when is your son's birthday? I think you know what present(s) to get him. Oh, and you'll need to get some for yourself, so that you can understand and explain the rules ;)

    @ Leif - I might be tempted at some point to get a second YT-1300 so that I can fly one as a basic model and the other as the Falcon.

    @ Scotty - can't shoot Wedge down yet as he comes with the X-Wing expansion pack :(
    Surely the real highlight must be Vader shooting down Luke, thereby bringing an end to the Jedi Order? ;)

  12. Just a little bit envious at this moment. Check pockets, yep still broke.

  13. Doesn't the lack of opposable thumbs make painting a bit dificult for "GK" aka Guilty Kitty? Is GK your cat? She sure is cute ...and talented!

  14. *facepalm*

    You had to purchase it, you naughty g...eek


  15. You won't regret it... great little game. I bought the starter game and a couple of extra TIE fighters and X wings when they came out (reviews of the game on my blog... http://wargaminggallimaufry.blogspot.co.uk/

  16. Oh, and I'm waiting on my Millennium Falcon from Wayland Games.... I'm going to have to practice bellowing like a Wookie!

  17. Every time I am in London I end up wandering past the Orc's Nest and buy things that I totally never wanted and will probably never use.

    I suspect there to be some form of witchcraft afoot.

  18. I'm shocked, I'm appalled, I'm thrilled. Next you'll be painting up fantasy critters....one can hope. I need a friend, I'm so lonely....

  19. @ Ashley - hopefully you won't be skint for long :)

    @ Celtic Curmudgeon - from what I hear, kitties prefer "inspecting" figures whether painted or not. It is a cute kitty, but not mine - found the image on Google. I would love cats like that, but as I live in a top floor flat it wouldn't be fair on them. Maybe if I ever move to a house or ground floor flat, then I'll be able to.

    @ Seb - I did, I did!

    @ Alastair - I'd waited until I'd read a bunch of reviews and people had been playing for a while before I decided to buy it. And then it was out of stock everywhere! I'm sure I'll be having fun playing it shortly.

    @ Arquinsiel - yup, some kind of witchcraft going on in that shop, forcing us to hand over money for shinies that we don't want (honest - we don't want them!) :(

    @ Anne - funnily enough, I do have some Drow, orcs and an ogre in my leadpile, so they will get painted up at some point.

  20. hey,

    happy to give you a game one day. I've been thinking about buying that game.

    how can you resist TIE FIGHTERS

    stay on target

    1. Orcs Nest should still have it in stock, or Dark Sphere or Leisure Games. It's worth getting 2 core sets so that you have a second set of dice and extra tokens, as well as twice as many ships.