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Wednesday, 6 March 2013

75k!; Painting Swiss Pikemen Day 3

Well, this li'l ole blog o' mine has just passed 75,000 hits. I'm flabbergasted that so many people have liked it enough to reach that milestone. i wonder how long it will take to reach 100k page views?

Swiss Pikemen 

I got a fair bit done yesterday despite heading into town for a few hours. I decided that it would be easier on me to break the mob up into smaller batches now that the initial bulk-painting steps were done. The logical split was by rank, so that's what I did.

Starting with the front rank, I got most of the way towards finishing them by the time I put the brushes down last night. They only needed a couple of hours this afternoon to complete the painting. I'll be giving them a Klear/ink coat later on.

I've made a good start on the second rank figures, with cantonal colours done on all 64 figures. I might even be able to finish painting them tonight.

Once these two ranks are both finished, I'll get them based. After that it is on to the rear two ranks. At this rate, I will definitely have them finished before the Challenge ends.


  1. Woohoo. Congrats on reaching a very cool milestone.

    Happy Blogging.

  2. Congratulations Tamsin, a fabulous result!

  3. Bloody hell. Flabbergasted indeed.
    Congratulations on the milestone, and keep it up!

  4. Nice hit count well done. More impressive is the speed you are painting these pike units

  5. amazing great work finishing these so quickly! would have taken me weeks if not longer.

  6. Congrats on the 75K hits! Good work on the pikemen too. Looking forward to seeing the finished pike blocks.

    Cheers, Ross

  7. Excellent progress and congrats on the 75K hits

  8. Figs are looking very nice, and well done on 75K!

  9. Congratulations on the 75K! The pikemen are coming along and I'm dangerously inspired to pick up a brush.

  10. Congratulations of passing 75K and those Swiss look the dogs dagglies

  11. great painting, this will be a highly impressive looking unit.
    Peace James

  12. Nice one Tamsin, keep pluggin' away! Well done on th 75k too!

  13. Congrat's on reaching the 75K mark!

  14. Thanks folks! I'm pleased how quickly they're painting up. Mind you, the last two ranks are mainly unarmoured so they might take a bit longer to finish off - lots of areas still to paint.

    @ Sean - pick up those brushes and get painting!

  15. looking good tamsin. happy to give you a game when they are painted

    1. Cheers Simon. I'm definitely up for a game against you once they're finished.