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Saturday, 2 March 2013

On The Workbench: Swiss Pikemen

So here they are, prepped and primed. The two boards at the back have the 256 pikemen; the front board has the figures for the command stands and some medieval civilians for a supply camp/diorama.

As the gesso needs at least 24 hours to cure, I won't be able to start painting the pikemen until Monday. I the meantime I've decided to do the following to keep me occupied:

1) Prep and prime the figures Donogh sent me for to paint up as his prize from my Blog birthday draw. These will be very different to what you are used to seeing me paint - a bunch of 10 modern/post-apocalypse figures including some darned meddling, pesky kids (and their dog). The sculpts look great and I think I'm going to have fun painting them once the 256 pikemen are done and dusted.

2) Paint up the Swiss artillery.


  1. I'm painting up nearly the same stuff!

  2. Nice points haul to come girl!

  3. @ Ray - will be fun to compare results!

    @ Fran - yup, provided I manage to finish them in time!

  4. Sweet Jesus, that's a lot of figures. Paint them fast, stay ahead of the Bastard Rousell! (you gave him the perfect name).

  5. Thats a whole lot of figures Tamsin, looking forward to seeing your progress on them

  6. Wow.. nice haul there.. and good luck getting through them all!

  7. That is a serious points fest! Hope you get through them double quick. My production is either about to nose dive or take off as I may be back to work this time next week if things work out well.

    Well it's my excuse and I'm sticking to it LOL


  8. Good luck ! Very good project !

  9. Bloddy hell Tamsin thats a lead pile an an half, that will see Ray trailing in your dust

  10. @ Anne - I'll be painting them as fast as I can, but I suspect Ray will get ahead of me on the table before I finish them as this will probably take me 2 weeks to complete.
    ps - it was someone else who came up with that name for him. I've actually switched to calling him "Rozzer Ray" since he submitted those Victorian Peelers ;)

    @ Scotty - It's more than a lot! You want to see the progress? Hmmm, maybe daily WIP shots? Or every other day?

    @ Seb - thanks, I'll need it!

    @ M R Lee - cheers!

    @ Ian - 256 pikemen = 512 points....

    ....if I manage to finish and submit them in time!

    Hope you do get the work (for monetary reasons, not so as to slow down your painting....honest!)

    @ Andras - I'm not sure that fun is the correct term for painting up so many figures at once! ;)

    @ el frances - Thank you! :)

    @ Andrew - if I can get them all painted in time, then Fran might be choking on my dust alongside Ray! ;)

  11. Damn; that's a lot of pikemen!
    Looking forward to seeing them all in ranks

  12. You are a machine Tamsin. Good luck with those, love to see them all painted up.

  13. What a stack of lead, Tamsin. However do you get the time to paint so much?