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Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Painting Swiss Pikemen Day 9

Progress has slowed on painting the last batch of pikemen. I'm not sure if it is down to the drop in temperature (I really wish the weather would make it's bleedin' mind up - one day it's hot and sunny, the next we find the arctic has decided to visit), end of project blues, feeling generally tired, picked up a bug or a combination of these.

Anyway, I'm almost finished with painting them now.Here's the current status:

Ranks 1 & 2 - completely finished (Yay! Halfway there!)

Rank 3 - based and basing gunk dry-brushed. Waiting for a slightly warmer day to spray with matt varnish, then I can gravel, tuft and flock them. (Yay! Nearly three-quarters of the way there!)

Rank 4 - just the belts, scabbards, metalwork and touch-ups to do, then it's Klear/ink and basing time.

I'll definitely have got them to Klear/ink stage tomorrow evening and might even have based them.

What's Next?

To be honest, I think this will be my last entry for the Challenge. I need a break from the Swiss and that is all that I currently have primed and ready to go, apart from Donogh's prize figures - I might make a start on those.


  1. Again stunning work from Tamsin's Painting Production Line, they are looking really nice.

  2. You've done a great load of work during this Challenge and your skill level has increased. You should be tired and a small break is in order.

  3. @ Jerry - thanks! :)

    @ Anne - I don't know that my skill level has increased, but my speed using it certainly has. It's definitely been tiring doing these pikemen, I expect that is partly because it just seems so repetitive.

    @ Ray - I'll definitely be plugging away to finish these. Maybe when they're done I won't feel so bad and be able to do some more before the Challenge ends - we'll just have to wait and see!

    @ Fran - yah, he doesn't really want me to keep plugging away. That way he stands a chance of beating me! :)

  4. Well as a neutral party (as far as the Painting Challenge goes this year). I will echo Rays words. "keep plugging away" it is inspiring to see so much painting work being done by all entries.

  5. Almost there, keep at it!