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Friday, 8 March 2013

Painting Swiss Pikemen Day 5

My Swiss artillery went up on Curt's blog last night - here's the link. I'll post pics here tomorrow.

Swiss Pikemen

Rank 1 - based and basing gunk dry-brushed. Weather was crap, so I didn't get round to spraying them with matt varnish today. Hopefully I'll get that done tomorrow, then I can add some gravel, tufts and flock to them.

Rank 2 - I'll be doing the basing on these tomorrow.

Rank 3 -

Not much painting left to do on these:
hair on the 9 figures where it is visible
"ground" on figure bases
belts and scabbards
touch up armour
sword hilts and pike tips

They should be finished tomorrow, based on Sunday, matt-sprayed and flocked etc on Monday.

Rank 4 - I might be able to make a start on these tomorrow, but Sunday looks more likely. I'm back at work next week, which only leaves me the evenings to do painting so I expect that they'll be finished on Wednesday or Thursday.

That will actually leave me 5 clear days before the Challenge ends to paint up something else. That might be enough time to do the 40 Swiss handgunners and crossbowmen that I've got primed and ready to go.


  1. great stuff, the pike block is going to be one hell of a sight
    Peace James

  2. Bloody hell 0_o...
    I'm still waiting for Curt to show my slaves before posting them. I think he's a bit overwhelmed.

  3. @ Ray - I sincerely hope I'm not you! ;)

    @ James - it certainly will be a scary sight :)

    @ Andrew - thanks! :)

    @ Seb - I think the recent delays may be down to a combination of burnout from 2 and a 1/2 months of sorting and posting entries from so many painters and him getting on with real-life stuff.
    (Real-life? What on earth is that? *lol*)

  4. I love Pikeblocks and this one looks like it will turn out looking great.

  5. The work moves forward well! Congratulations!

  6. Looking good and I actually painted some myself. 20 orcs blocked in with flesh(green) and metal bits. Puny compared to you, but progress is progress. Thanks for the inspiration.