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Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Curt's Third Analogue Painting Challenge is Finally Over

....and it's a great relief!

Here is Curt's closing post. It's just as well that he booked the day off work as he had to put up 27 posts yesterday.

As we all suspected would be the case, Ray indulged in a bit of sandbagging again - just shy of 1200 points submitted in the closing hours, taking him to a stupendous 2722 points and sitting him safely in the #3 spot at the end. Of course, he claims that he wasn't sandbagging, but I will point out that over 40% of his final score was submitted on the last day. I'll let you decide whether he was or wasn't. Hmmm, should I do a poll on that?

Even more stupendous were the final scores of ChrisP (4076) and JamesB (3761) in the top 2 places. For those of you who haven't been following the Challenge or don't know the scoring scheme, 4076 points would be 2038 foot figures in 15mm or 815 foot figures in 28mm. Painted. And based. In 3 months.

My final score was a quite respectable 1970 points. 1970? Oooh, that's appropriate as that is.......n't my year of birth. Of course it isn't - I'm a lady so naturally I'm only 21 *lol*. I only made that connection just now as I was typing this.

That was enough to put me in 7th place overall. When you consider that I went into the Challenge with a target of 800 points - which I thought would be a huge stretch to achieve - my output has absolutely shocked me.

It has been a great motivator to get projects finished, some of which have been sat around waiting for me to pull my finger out for months. My entries have been quite varied - 15mm ancients, 15mm medieval, 15mm 30YW, and 28mm Dark Ages. My painting tally is in the right hand sidebar, just below the Followers box.

A Huge Thanks....

....to Curt

I can't thank Curt enough for all his hard work over the past 3 months (not to mention yesterday's heroic efforts) getting all our submissions posted promptly.

....to my fellow Ronin

Your entries have been inspirational, both in terms of quality and of quantity. Where else would you get to see such a wide range of periods, scales and painting styles all in one place?

The banter in the comments section of the posts has been good fun, as has the rivalry for positions on the table. It was particularly nail-biting watching the battle between JamesB and ChrisP for the top spot at the very end. Rivalry for the next few places in the top 5 was almost as intense, but we all knew that Ray would drop sandbags on us and take one of them. I'm still waiting to see the 1:1 Roman legion in 6mm that I'm sure he must have been painting up, but not quite finished in time, as his final sandbag to clinch the #1 spot *grin*

....to Sarah

For putting up with us loonies taking Curt away from domestic duties and for keeping him (relatively) sane over the past 3 months.

So, What Now?

I'm going to ease up for a bit. I've started painting up Donogh's prize draw minis and will continue to do so over the next week or two.

I also need to paint up the command stands for my Swiss army - I've got 3 people from the club who want to give them a blooding on the table.

And then there are the Koreans which I'm hoping will arrive in the next week or so. Once they arrive, the figure I need for the army I'll take to Campaign in May will jump to the head of the painting queue.


  1. Congrats Tamsin on 1970 points, a very respectable total. I don't think you need a poll on Ray and sandbagging, result would be a foregone conclusion I think

  2. You did excellent Tamsin, I have kept a record of my figures and have been amazed by how many I did. And you wanted me to stay up and paint enough figures to beat Ray? I'd still be going flat out in six months without a break and still be behind him LOL


  3. Replies
    1. We all knew you'd do it you little weasel:)

  4. He planned it all along Tamsin! Do the poll of shame girl!

  5. You did a fine job in this Challenge Tamisin. Despite being ill, you kept chugging away and you improved as a painter as well.

    A poll of shame would be fun. But you know Ray, he's a blog whore and would just feed off of the attention like a gutter rat.

  6. Great job Tamsin. That freaking huge block of Pikemen was particularly awesome.

    I also encourage the poll - that Ray does enough sandbagging to block the Rhine...

  7. Well done Tamsin was great seeing you push yourself. I hope you are planning for next year already
    Peace James

  8. Well, as there have been more votes in favour of a poll than against, I have posted one just for fun!

  9. Great work yourself Tamsin, I'm glad you participated.

    It was definitely sandbagging.

  10. Great work Tamsin, all those pikes very impressive

  11. Very well done, Tamsin! The massive block of pike was epic and you managed it without permanent injury. You should raise a frosty beverage to celebrate and maybe give yourself a night off from painting, or 2. ;-)

  12. I am surprised that you are surprised Tamsin, I was just surprised that he did not have a 1000 point submission.

    And anyway the pike block really was impressive.


  13. @ Phyllion - I'm glad you participated as well. Your entries were great.

    @ Andrew - cheers!

    @ Monty - that should be "without permanent physical injury". I think my psyche would disagree with any statement that it isn't damaged!
    I did take last night off, and I'm taking tonight off as well

    @ John - I'm not at all surprised. And he did make a 1000 point submission, it's just that he split it across 2 entries!
    Glad you like the pikes :)

  14. Fantastic result Tamsin - I loved seeing all of your entries. Those pikemen - WOW....a truly impressive achievement. Brilliant, and very inspiring!

    1. Thank you Sidney. I wish we had seen some more of your lovely work during the Challenge.

    2. That's very kind. Unfortunately it all got crushed under my work schedule for weeks on end. Just starting to get back to normal today....isn't that just freaking typical!

  15. Thanks very much for the kind words Tamsin. It was a pleasure having you join us in the fun. Here's to the next one!