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Sunday, 24 March 2013

Sunday Update

With the Challenge over, I decided to take a short break from painting and didn't pick up a brush on Wednesday, Thursday or Friday evening. Yesterday saw me return to painting. I think that 3 months of high output painting has taken it's toll - I'm finding ti hard work to keep at it and need to take more frequent breaks.

So, what's on my workbench?

Donogh's Prize Draw Figures

I actually made a start on one of the figures on Tuesday after submitting my final Challenge entry. I say made a start. Actually, it's pretty damned near finished!

Here's a pic of all 10 together:

Swiss Command Stands

My Swiss will be getting there first run out on Thursday against Seb's Free Companies. Well, some of them will - we're only going to be playing 650 points. I will take all of them with me though, so that I can get some pics of the completed army before Seb arrives.

So, I needed to get some command stands done. And decided to do all of them. I've got most of the painting done now, so they should be ready in time.


  1. I like those figures you're doing for the prize draw. And those Swiss look sweet.

    I can imagine that you'd all need a bit of time away from the brushes after the Challenge.

  2. Had I known you would have to paint more, I wouldn't have you so soon.

  3. @ Anne - those Hasslefree figures are lovely sculpts. I'm looking forward to painting the rest up.
    As for needing time away from the brushes, *nudge-nudge, wink-wink, say no more - you're the only other person who knows what my secret projects are*

    @ Seb - I was going to start painting again this weekend anayway. It's just that the Swiss commanders have jumped the queue ahead of Donogh's figures.

    1. oh, ok then.

      Now, I think I should go back to my brushes. One week without painting is not wargamey enough


  4. Its nice to take a semi break every now and again, I have really slowed up this last week.

  5. The Swiss Command figures look super. They'll grace any army. And nice to see a change in subject with the Hasslefree figures (which are terrific) - the young lass with the rabbit and the pistol is a very cool figure!

  6. I do like the look of them!
    (But also looking forward to seeing the entire Swiss army together...)

  7. Lots of Hasslefree loveliness there, which reminds me that I need to pick some of those up a Salute. I know exactly what you mean about not been able to get started again after the challenge although I did mange to order some new bases.

  8. Good to hear girl, I'm really fecked off with painting in general at the moment.

  9. @ Andrew - after the high throughput pressure of the Challenge, easing off is a good thing

    @ Sidney - that young lass is an awesome figure. ps - it's a teddy, not a rabbit

    @ Donogh - I'm looking forward to the massed Swiss appearing here :)

    @ Michael - the Hasslefree figures are great. Lots of character to all the figures.

    @ Fran - after all those 28mm Wild West boys and girls, I'm not surprised you're fecked off with painting