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Friday, 15 March 2013

Painting Swiss Pikemen Day 11

Left = rank 4 based (gunk drying);
Right =  rank 3 based and gunk dry-brushed
I'm so close to completing these now that it's making me itch. I finished painting the 4th rank last night and gave them their Klear/ink coat. This evening I have done the basing - the gunk will get dry-brushed tomorrow morning if I get up early or in the evening if I don't. Actually, I could even take them to work with me and do the dry-brushing at lunchtime.

That just leaves me with the following steps for the 3rd and 4th rank figures:
spray with matt varnish
add tufts, gravel and flock
take pics of the whole lot and send them to Curt!

IanW, JohnM and Ray have leapfrogged me into 5th, 6th and 7th places on the table in the last couple of days dropping me to 8th. However, this entry of 256 15mm pikemen will get me 512 points and would shoot me into 4th place ahead of fran - unless he submits some more stuff in the next couple of days.

With 5 days left in the Challenge I could still manage to get something else entered. I guess I could do the handgunners and/or crossbowmen (there are 24 of each) in that time.


  1. that unit is looking highly impressive good luck with the last few days, I have to try and over haul Chris again :)

  2. Nice to read how excited you are about this.

  3. I've been watching the board over there and the competition is really heating up. You've held your own with all these guys so far-keep going Tamisin!

  4. That's the truly great thing about the challenge Tamsin, its such an excellent motivator! Do you think you'd have got all these figures painted if you weren't in the challenge?

  5. I've been following you progress for all the eleven days and those pikemen turn out really great. A bit dark on this photo but I'm looking forward to the finished unit!


  6. @ JamesB - it should be pretty impressive when they're all finished and put together in a big block :)

    @ HappyWhisk - I don't know if it's excitement or simply relief that they're almost done :)

    @ Anne - it's definitely hotting up over there. We've had to import a large iceberg to cool things down! ;)

    @ Ray - it has been a fantastic motivator and you're right - I wouldn't have got these all painted if I wasn't in the Challenge.

    @ Monty - yep, that pic is too dark. I'll have to make sure the lighting is better when I do the pics for submission to Curt.

  7. Nice work Tamsin, looking forward to the finish.

  8. Cheering on the sidelines for a spectacular finish.

  9. 256 pikes, wow Tamsin.
    They would have sent me even more crazy.
    Cracking Job and cant wait to see them all blocked up.
    Gonna look great.

  10. Great work Tamsin. Try to put something else out. I have a feeling Ray is holding something back for the end.

  11. @ Andrew - I think we're all looking forward to the finish of the Challenge!

    @ CelticCurmudgeon - your cheering is greatly appreciated

    @ Kev - I'm fending off the men in white coats, but those jackets with very long sleeves, rainbow pills and tartan crayons look very tempting....

    @ Sean - Ray's definitely got a huge sandbag to drop on everyone right at the end. I'll definitely try to get something else finished over the weekend and will just have to hope it is enough.