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Thursday, 21 March 2013

All Hail His Most Universal, High and Imperious Kingliness

The votes are cast and we must all bow down to His Most Universal, High and Imperious Kingliness Ray of House Rousell, the Universal High Imperial King of Sandbagging.

The Court Photographer captured some poignant shots:

Ray on hearing the news of his ascension to the throne

Ray's good friend, neighbour and campaign manager, Postie on receiving confirmation  that his Stalinist ballot stuffing operation had been successful

Co-worker Fran, dejected upon hearing that he will now have to go down on one knee to  Ray
I hope you don't mind me grabbing those photos guys!

So, the ballot, errmm, poll results:

  8 (27%)
  5 (17%)
Don't Know
  0 (0%)
Don't Care
  4 (13%)
Who is Ray?
  7 (24%)
He is the Universal High Imperial King of Sandbagging
  14 (48%)

Votes so far: 29
Poll closed 

As voters could select more than one option, I believe that several of those who voted "Yes" or "No" (and perhaps "Don't Care" or "Who is Ray?") also selected "He is the Universal High Imperial King of Sandbagging".

I have already acknowledged that my question was badly worded, as several people have commented that there was nothing sneaky about his sandbagging at all and voted "No".

Well, this bit of silliness is all done and dusted now (or is it? Tune in again on 20/21 April).

ps - does anyone know where Sandbagging is?


  1. Never heard of this Ray fellow, though he's a damn handsome devil!!

    1. Your Most Universally High Imperious Kingliness - it's you! :)

      and, yes, he is a damned handsome fellow!

    2. He's a looker and funny. That's double the fun.

  2. Fecking hell, I'm going to kick him in the crackers!

    1. Now, now Francis - talk like that could see you in the dungeons ;)

      (totally understandable though - I'll organise your rescue party)

  3. Such a big title for such a little man:)

    1. I still think he is going down the slide though! quick do it before the man gets his coronation :-P

      You forgot my efforts to once more break democracy... actually good thing you didn't as that means they'll never suspect me of causing the impossible results at the next general election.

      hail his imperial-blablabla-ness of sandbagging (whatever that is) Now lets push him down that slide.

  4. I had this guy coming to my door, just last night asking me about it. He had a really bad voice, like he was in need of a drink, so I couldn't exactly make out what he said. It was something like: Sandbagging.... Shire...

    Told him to move on and that we do that bagging stuff around here. We like our tea the proper way

  5. I think Sandbagging is near Teabagging, which is close to Debagging which is near Eton, I hope thats of help.

    1. I think Ray would be a better King Of Teabagging. Right up his alley.

    2. Phil - you mean he's in bed with Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachmann?

      Nurse! Nurse! Nurse! I need the mind bleach again!

  6. @ Anne - it is indeed a long title. Trying to compensate for something perhaps? ;)

    @ James - ahhh, of course, you must have been part of Postie's ballot rigging operation :)

    @ J de Jong - "All Proper Tea Is Theft!", which is why anarchists don't drink Early Grey! ;)

    @ PK - it's near Eton? No wonder it's a Mess! :)

  7. I thought Fran had already gone down on Ray :->

    Just sayin'.......


    1. Nurse! Nurse! I need mind bleach!

      Thanks for that mental image Ian, you wicked, wicked man! ;)

  8. It's a better title than "Kim Jong Ray"...